From Sheffield, we met up with brothers Phil and Tommy Goodwin who form two-piece British rock band C.D.M.C.

We met at their ‘Fat Elephant’ studio just on the outskirts on Sheffield before heading to a local bar. One thing that was immediately apparent was that these are not your run of the mill band, they are crazy about not only their own music but others too and they are keen to help and work alongside other artists and people in the industry, which is very refreshing to hear and right up Northern Exposures street. Its very clear that music is life to the Goodwin Brothers.

The band have a huge buzz about them at the moment and its easy to see why, a two man army, mixing a whole range of influences and genres, the result is loud, blasts of energy that are impossible to sit still too. 

BBC introducing have also showed massive support for the band after hearing their debut single “Backlash” and follow up  single “Tightrope”.

Gaining a reputation for their packed out, enthusiastic live performances, big things are definitely on the horizon for this duo.

We caught up with the guys to find out all about the band and what 2017 has in store…….

Introduce yourselves….

PHIL: I’m Phil the eldest brother and I play guitar and vocals.

TOM: I’m tom the younger brother and I play drums.

PHIL: Well, he plays everything that’s not guitar or vocal basically. In the other bands he played piano or organ but then in this band we needed a drummer so he’s doing both, he learnt to play drums for this band.

TOM: It took me a while to learn drums, when I first learned how to play piano and organ I was young and I think you find it easier to learn something at a young age. I always have had a love for the drums, and I’ve always had a bash but never took it to the next level. Where I’ve thought right, this time I’m going to be a drummer.

PHIL: When we first started out we were dead keen on Tom on piano and organ, and me on guitar. We auditioned different singers, I’m talking years ago, but we found it more hassle than it was worth trying to find someone that just did vocals. We decided to split it between ourselves as Tom has got the stronger voice out of the two of us. We decided that he would will fill my voice out when it needs it. So, because of that I’ve always had to do vocals and Tom can fill the gaps that are needed. He played piano and organ in one band we had years ago, and then when that ended he switched and did bass. There’s a section on an album we did once where he did some violin, we got one and said “Here you go Tom work that out”. In this band, we wanted to make a bit of a statement from the off, we did a mashup cover of something old and something new. We did this Led Zeppelin track and combined it with a Sia track, but that meant we needed someone to play harmonica, so again we went there you go Tom work that out.16832765_1770760079912263_282441606_o


PHIL: Well that’s such a broad spectrum and some of them aren’t even music, you start taking influences from like films and everyday life but from music it’s so easy to name all the giants like Led Zeppelin and Beatles. We grew up with Oasis and when we were a bit younger we listened to all sorts of different music. Tom loved Rap and Hip Hop and Bob Marley, whereas I’m more guitar based and Tom is like rhythmical.

TOM: I think when we’ve been in other bands and there’s five people you’ve got five different sets of influences but obviously with there only being two of us, I think it’s helped a bit more with this band.


PHIL: Yeah, well we don’t have a set route where I always come up with a riff and write the lyrics. It starts in different ways, sometimes Tom might have a riff and he might base it round a drum beat, or we’ll sit down and we might bash some lyrics out first. We always end up finishing the piece of work together.


PHIL: Tramlines 2015 I think was our first show, and we kind of just rocked into that doing half the set instrumental and lyrics from where we got them. We tend to class that as the starting point for us.

TOM: First release and our second show was December 2015.

PHIL: Last year was like the main year for us. We did 4 tracks over the twelve months, December 2015 to January 2017 in fourteen months. We had four singles and a cover.



PHIL: Well, it’s almost been a natural progression for us. We sat down one day when we were in other bands and said let’s just start this one and it just kind of evolved over time in a way which sounds a bit funny, because we’ve always been in other bands together. 

PHIL: We set off doing stuff and we didn’t just think we want to write good songs. We wanted to make good videos and do good art work, we try to be involved in every stage and try to be creative with it. Like some of the photo shoots, rather than just standing against a brick wall or whatever, it maybe like going into a white studio. We’ve created scenes, for instance, we went and had a bit of a fight in the lake! We try to be creative all round.

TOM: I think it comes easier for us being brothers. You’re going to get conflict and different views but because we have done it for the past fifteen years together,  we are already on the same page. I feel comfortable to say to Phil you deal with this, while I’m sorting this out, and vice-versa.


PHIL: When we started making the ep and getting tracks together ,we came up with about ten different ideas.  Four of the songs seemed to be quite strong, so we recorded the basics of them in the same session. We also needed to think about doing gigs, so we had to get together a package that we could use online, that would include photos and information. Funnily enough, that’s where the photo shoot in the lake came from. Out of that photo shoot, it ended up almost being like a comic strip story in stills. We came up with this idea, that the E.P was going to be a series of nine or twelve photos that tells a story of a character. Those four songs kind of fit the different stages of the story, and we didn’t set out with that in mind bu it just evolved into that.


TOM:  We did have a bit of the choosing. I’m good friends with the guys who shot the video Loki Films so we put out ads and chose together.

PHIL: On the day it was a bit of a free for all, we ended up opening the doors on the later session so that literally anyone could come down. I think maybe some people might have been more confident to push to the front than others.

TOM: The girls that were picked were very talented. One girl was in an ariel hoop above where we were playing, she was really good. We also had a burlesque dancer and she was very talented.

PHIL: What we did was we created an event and we hired this circus rehearsal space. We had people come from all over the UK. One of the girls had traveled six hours on a train. The idea of the night was to put a free bar on and do a gig rather than just miming it. Some of the girls did a burlesque show and we had a DJ section as well. We made a good night of it and we got hours of footage but then we had to break it down. We love the music video but the idea behind it was to just have a good night, and the free bar cost us a fortune!


TOM: A bit of both really it started out as fast singing and then we thought hang on a minute, we’ve hit on something here. Then the Straight Outta Compton film came out and I started listening to all the old stuff which was on the film, and it brought back memories of growing up.

PHIL: I took one of our early demos to another studio because I always want to know other people’s opinions. I played it to this guy and he said there was real Beastie Boys vibe going on and I only really knew a couple of Beastie Boys tracks. I checked them out and we thought, you know what, that’s where were actually naturally heading.  We’re not rapping like Jay Z and Dr Dre it’s that simple, easy level, fast singing with some guitar behind it.



PHIL: We still want to make our focus right now to be writing the songs, producing the songs and gigging. We seem to find ourselves drawn to a lot of the other stuff like answering enquiries on social media or just generally organising the detail of things, like a video for a song.  If you’re going to have a video with  forty or fifty people in it, sorting a venue and a bar out is like you know….hectic.  So, now we are getting to the point of people wanting to help us and although we’re a two piece on stage, we’ve almost got a Cellar Door Moon Crow that’s a team. We’ve got a little family that’s working together and that’s growing quite a bit now. So as that carries on growing, we should be ramping up the pace really and doing more of the same, but faster. We’ve obviously got the local festivals to look forward to and the next thing for us now is a release in April and a tour so we’ve already started taking half the dates for that month. We’re at Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Bradford, Doncaster, Barnsley, and Sheffield, as well as us putting another single out. It’s going to be timed with our vinyl EP, and that’s a collection of the first four singles – Whistler, Tightrope, Forgiveness and Backlash. We are going to have a new single and a video for it. After that in April, we are going to focus on a few festivals in the summer. We’ve already got Tramlines, Peace in the Park, and Live in Barnsley. We are trying for others as well but those are the ones we have got so far. There will be another single and a tour after the summer probably around October.

Look out for upcoming gig dates and follow CDMC on their social media below….





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