Influences: Beatles, Rolling Stones, Tame Impala, Oasis, The Verve, OCS, Stone Roses


Members: Jamie Pollock, Nathan Evans, Craig Scobbie, Jamie Piggott, Greg Ballantyne


Home Town: Alloa


Scottish lads, VIDA are storming their way onto the music scene across the UK. Jamie Pollock, Nathan Evans, Craig Scobbie, Jamie Piggott and Greg Ballantyne make up the five-piece, who’s growing reputation and catchy, very 90’s Brit Pop sound has seen them receive support and recognition from XFM, Soccer AM, This Feeling, Fred Perry and Britpop Revival.

Last night, the boys announced (via Fred Perry) that their next single would be recorded with Steve Cradock, guitarist of Ocean Colour Scene, Paul Weller and The Specials.

We caught up with Nathan from the band for a quick chat.

So lads, you’re from Scotland, what’s the music scene like up there?

The music scene is not too bad up here, there’s been some great bands to come out of Scotland and its got the potential to keep churning them out. There’s some quality bands floating around just now, the likes of the Shambolic’s and Baby Strange are toppers.

Hows the reception been to the band outside of your fan base in Scotland?

Every town’s been a new adventure for us and we’ve played in front of crowds we’ve never expected. We played a This Feeling show in Birmingham and had 70-80 people in the sunflower lounge belting our tunes back to us, it was some night. Hopefully, we will see more and more people through the door at gigs this year.

You have a brilliant 90s sound, do you feel that the Manchester music scene has had an impact on you?

Definitely maybe. I grew up listening to the best of music, the 60s from my Gran and Grandad and 90s from my Mum, Dad and Uncle. The Manchester sound stuck with me through school and its never left me since haha.

On that note! Who are your strongest musical influences and how do they play a part in Vida’s sound?

We all have pretty varied but pretty good tastes in music. We love bands like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Tame Impala, Oasis, The Verve, OCS, Stone Roses, all the greats really. There’s evidence of it in our songs. We just listen to good music and play good music, what else are you going to do?

Tell me about your thoughts on social media, do you think it’s a big part of being successful these days?

Its helped us branch out from Scotland and get out and about the country, it lets you spread the word and keep in contact with the people you need to. Its certainly got its benefits.

Back in may you released ‘fade away’ and that seemed to be a huge turning point for you in terms of

reaching a bigger audience and attracting more fans, would you agree?

Couldn’t agree more, the response has been amazing, we never expected it to reach 100,000 plays on Spotify in the same year it was released. Cant thank the people enough for tuning in and getting into it.

Do you think it’s important to release a lot of music these days with the amount of current and new

bands come along?

It’s down to the band really if they’ve got tunes and they’ve got the time to get into the studio and lay them down then why not? That’s what it’s all about, the music.

You recently had ‘When I Call’ selected by Sky Sports to be played on Soccer AM during their ‘Goals of the

Week’ section. You must have loved that, can you tell me about how it felt hearing and seeing the band on

such a big platform? And while we’re here ha who do you support?

I was standing in my living room in my house coat staring at the TV in disbelief! Then I started dancing about and laughing cause Soccer AM is a big thing for us. We all love the show and we all love football, so it’s definitely a milestone. Me, Piggott and Greg are Rangers fans, Pollocks a Hibs fan and Craig loves the Falkirk. We all know who the best team is, though…

Are there any bands that stand out for you at the moment? Who do you listen to?

DMAs have been my latest indulgence, can’t get enough of ‘Hills End’. From start to finish it’s a cracking album. I’m really into the Shimmer Band too, good bunch of boys with colossal tunes. Baby Strange released an album earlier last year that was amazing, the clash-like energy to the songs gave it a quality raw feel. I’ve taken a shine to Kendrick Lamar recently, he’s a lyrical genius and knows how to put messages in songs.

What’s next for VIDA? What can we look forward to in 2017?

January’s going to be a big one for us, we’re going back into the studio on the 23rd to record our next single with Steve Craddock!! So that should be in about your ears in the up and coming months.

We’ve recently been announced as support for the Sherlocks on their first 7 dates of their UK and Ireland tour, and got a few dates penned in the diary for Spring this year including This Feeling shows and a few others south of the border. There’s plenty going on in the mix so 2017 should be an exciting year.

VIDA will be joining The Sherlocks for the first 7 dates of their GB/IE tour. Catch them at Inverness at Mad Hatters, Dundee’s Buskers, Aberdeen’s The Lemon Tree, Dunfermline’s PJ Molloys, Edinburgh’s Electric Circus Night Club, Newcastle’s O2 Academy and to finish it off in style at The Middlesbrough Empire.

Visit www.thesherlocksmusic.co.uk for tickets.


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