As the Covid19 crisis grinds all live music and events to a screeching halt, it’s apparent that music is more important than ever. Today, Twisted Wheel released the aptly named, hard-hitting punk anthem ‘I am Immune’ from new album ‘Satisfying the Ritual’ with accompanying lyric video. The album released on the 20th March has received nothing but high praise, entering the iTunes Alternative Charts at No 5 and iTunes All Charts at 16.

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Satisfying the Ritual follows the number one EP Jonny Guitar in cementing the Wheel as one of the most vital groups of our times. Boasting a tight new line up with Jonny Brown on Guitar & Vocals, Ben Robinson on Drums, Harry Lavin on Bass and Ben Warwick on Guitar. ‘I Am Immune’ was written about the darker side music industry, internet trolls and shows the Wheels roots are still planted firmly in punk rock. Delving deeper into the inspiration behind the track Jonny Brown explains:

“I Am Immune’ stands for immunity from the bad mouths, trolls and negative comments endured in the music industry. Packing a punch this song keeps you updated with what the band are and have always been, a high energy heavily punk-inspired group. Taking a no shit from nobody approach works well in a world where jealousy is rife, and people can try to bring you down masked in their own homes using the internet as a way of abusing artists in public without them being able to do much about it”.

It’s two fingers up approach and positive attitude serves as a beacon of hope in these very surreal times. It also reminds us to be courageous in any plight we face, to stand up and say f**k you to anything that tries to destroy you or stands in your way, which now is a very strong message that we can all take something from.


Watch ‘I AM IMMUNE’ from 7 PM here:                                                                                                                                                

Video for ‘I AM IMMUNE’

Visuals Dean Glover

Video Barnaby Fairley 

BUY/STREAM NEW ALBUM SATISFYING THE RITUAL:  https://twistedwheel.tmstor.es/

https://spoti.fi/2JcqdZq Spotify

https://apple.co/33FZtcW Apple

https://bit.ly/33Jzhhu YouTube

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Available on 12-inch vinyl and CD. The album includes the singles: Nomad Hat, D.N.A and Black and Blue.


Wall of Sound

It has been eight years since the release of Twisted Wheel’s last album, however, the long wait is finally over with ‘Satisfying the Ritual’ set for release for on the 20th March 2020 and for any fans of rock and roll this is a must for you.

Indie Midlands

If you weren’t driving fast before, then you are when you start listening to ‘Satisfying the Ritual’. Punchy riffs, fast beats and a pounding bassline which keeps coming and you never want to stop, all complimented by Jonny’s harsh, in your face vocals.

Three Songs Out

This is not an album to be dipped into, but to be experienced, track by track. Jonny Brown has been to the precipice and has come back with Twisted Wheel to tell us the story, with an exceptionally good third album. Twisted Wheel are back, and I hope they are here to stay.

Music Close Up

Five years later, a refreshed line-up returned. It blends Mancunian Brit-pop swagger with psychedelia, trip-hop and new wave influences.

Sound of Violence

Satisfying the Ritual shows the progression and maturity not only of lyric, but also musicality of Twisted Wheel with successful comings and goings on several unexplored paths

Snake Oil News

This has been one of the albums in 2020 that we’ve been dying to get our hands on and to give it a play loud and proud, this is Rock ‘N’ Roll at its best.

The Last Rolo

Here we stand in mid-March with Twisted Wheel delivering a knockout album, a real positive hammer blow to anyone wanting to achieve anything from next to nothing.

Narc Magazine 4/5

Cross Liam Gallagher with Miles Kane, and it might give you a little flavour of Twisted Wheel. It was a pleasant surprise to hear that Satisfying the Ritual isn’t your standard indie record wearing many influences well. This album is cracking and will be a solid accompaniment to a drive.

Louder Than War Online

Twisted Wheel have returned with a great indie rock album full of anthems that should get them on the map and win over a shitload of new fans along the way.

Louder Than War Magazine 8/10

The band are not afraid to meander creatively around the riff. Experimental Indie Rock.

The Indie Masterplan

There is no bullshit with Twisted Wheel and that is a big reason why they are loved so much. Satisfying the Ritual’ blows the door straight off the hinges and sends it flying into the next neighbourhood.

Northern Exposure

Continuity in an album is important, but it’s a skill to have each song distinct enough not to sound the same and Twisted Wheel have achieved that. The album sounds fresh, energetic and alive. They’ve not only hit a personal best, but they’ve also set in stone the fact that they are still one of the most authentic and realest rock n roll bands who are worth their salt in the world today.

GigSlutz 4/5

‘Satisfying the Ritual’ is a wonderful slice of classic rock and roll. Self-confident and arrogant in the best way, it channels the Rockstar sensibilities of old which are lacking in today’s musical climate. With a collection of full force tunes such as these, one thing is for certain, the wheel turns again.

Peterborough Eve Telegraph

Album of the week 9/10. All in all, a superb comeback.


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