Guildford youngsters The Estevan’s have taken their assured brand of Libertines, Arctic Monkeys & Strokes influenced Indie around the UK this year. With only two singles released, they have already amassed a firm listener base that have gotten behind their soundtracks to small-town nightlife.  We speak to them ahead of Tramlines Festival on July 19th in association with This Feeling & scott’s Menswear.

Now that we’re at the very height of the festival season, how’s your Summer been so far?

Pretty good yeah, we had one of the funniest weekends at Isle of Wight Festival which we’re still sort of recovering from. Also, we’ve found the creative juices are flowing a lot more now the sun’s out, so we’ve been writing a lot more recently.


What are you currently up to? Anything exciting in the pipeline that you can discuss?

We’re going into the studio mid-August to record an EP which we’re well excited about, and it’s what we’re putting most of our time towards, so we’re mainly just writing and demoing at the moment. That’s pretty soon, so after that, we’ll be off on tour which is gonna be good fun.

Any upcoming shows that we need to be attending?  

We’re well excited for Tramlines next week, then Y Not and Truck follows so come to them!


What film or tv series would your latest release be the soundtrack to?

The boys would say Peaky Blinders I reckon, but I’ve never seen it, so I dunno! 

As every artist has an image to go with the music that they make, what would you say are the stylistic links between your music and how you look?

I think we dress pretty normally, we don’t tend to think too much about what we wear just ‘cause we regard the music and the songs as way more important you know. Not to say that we don’t care about what we look like, we do as most people do, it’s just we dress pretty modest as a lot of our influences do like The Cribs back in the day or Arctic Monkeys when they first started off, just normal lads – same as we are now.

Are there any fellow artists that you’re looking forward to playing alongside at Tramlines?

We went on tour with Planet in May, so it will be nice to catch up with those boys again, Drenge are proper cool, would love to go watch them, and Happy Mondays are on the bill to name a few.

The Estevans play The Library Stage at Tramlines on Friday 19th July at 16.45pm.













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