Fresh off the plane from Mad Cool Festival in Madrid, Himalayas are preparing to take their hit-heavy setlist (that has amassed over 15 million Spotify plays!) to Tramlines Festival. We caught up with them ahead of their slot on the Library Stage on Friday 19th July, in association with This Feeling & Scotts.

Now that we’re at the very height of the festival season, how’s your Summer been so far?

Our summer has been great so far. We’ve just come back from Mad cool festival in Madrid which was pretty unreal. We’ve also been spending some time in the studio to get some songs finished and we have a number of festivals and gigs still to play; Like Tramlines, Neverworld, Reading and Leeds. So we’re pretty excited, to be honest.


If you could ask for absolutely anything in your festival rider, what would it be?

I think it depends on where the festival is really. If we’re somewhere hot then I think it’s all about the cold drinks. Fanta, that kind of thing. But in the UK I think you have to have a cup of tea. I think food before a gig is a risky one, you don’t want to eat too much and regret it mid-set. I think dream wise, a TV and Die Hard would be ideal.

What are you currently up to? Anything exciting in the pipeline that you can discuss?

We have a few gigs announced but most of our year has been spent working on new material and working in the studio. There will be new music soon. We could’ve released something by now but we just don’t see the point in rushing and releasing one song without anything else ready afterwards and we also want it to be the best thing that we can possibly release at the time.

Any upcoming shows that we need to be attending?

Reading and Leeds is probably the show that we’re really pushing for people to come to. Last year on the introducing stage was unreal and this year’s going to be even better. We’re thinking Pyros and back up dancers and some of our own dance routines. Plus some Tommy Bahama shirts.


What film or tv series would your latest release be the soundtrack to?

I think the new release that will be out in the near future is probably the soundtrack to Antiques Roadshow or Homes Under the Hammer. They’re huge inspirations on our music.

As every artist has an image to go with the music that they make, what would you say are the stylistic links between your music and how you look?

I think we all dress the way that we want to dress really and style ourselves the way we want to be. It doesn’t really make a huge difference to us. We all take pride in our own style and image but believe me we don’t plan it all out. 

Are there any fellow artists that you’re looking forward to playing alongside at Tramlines?

I think there are quite a few that we’re looking forward to seeing; like Manic Street Preachers & Circa Waves. It’d be good to catch Red Rum Club and Planet. And we might get to see Miles Kane the next day which would be cool. There are so many people that we’d like to see but it’s just whether we get the chance to.

Himalayas play the Library Stage at 19.15 tomorrow at Tramlines.









Joseph Williams – Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Mike Griffiths – Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Louis Heaps – Bass
James Goulbourn – Drums



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