Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the long-neglected re-premiere of our Track of the Week feature. How on earth have you managed without us?

For this weeks offering, we present to you in all their glory Puppet Rebellion. This lively Mancunian quintet, composed of Oliver Davies, Henry Rogers, Paul Trochowski, James Halliwell and Craig Gibson, remained unsigned, despite the release of their smashing debut album Chemical Friends. Remember kids, friends are best made in well-ventilated areas with an absence of any chemical substances. 

The band strikes similarities with the likes of Bloc Party and Interpol, those big bands that everyone seems to forget about somehow. Having started in 2013 and supported Northern giants such as Reverend and the Makers and Catfish and the Bottlemen, their relative obscurity is very odd indeed. 

But why on earth is their debut album, specifically ‘Test Pilot’, our Track of the Week? Well, simmer down and I’ll tell you. 

Two years ago, while the band were still developing their now respectable following, I stumbled across one of their first EPs, entitled Life is in Your Hands, which included an earlier version of ‘Test Pilot’. 

I, like most people, have an instant weakness for the faintest whiff of nostalgia. And while this latest rendition may be a bit meatier, bigger and bouncier, all the key bits are still here, and improved for a matter of fact. 

The intro sits comfortably between Favourite Worst Nightmare era Monkeys, and the original unknown void. This new version also cuts out a lot of waffle, and gets straight to hooking you in with an peculiarly upbeat yet sinister tune. 

Long story short, for wonderfully reworking an originally nondescript EP track,  and one which lives up to the tried and tired mantra of ‘great indie riffs and a great live show’, ‘Test Pilot’ is our first Track of the Week. 

Have a gander at their Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, and their shiny fab site.

Check back next week after we’ve scoured the massive ocean of unsigned Northern indie, and find out what our next Track of the Week is. 



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