Essex lads Rubber Jaw are most definitely in my top three up and coming bands on the scene at present. Signed to Creation23 earlier last year, Alan McGee’s new 7” label, the three-piece band from Essex, fronted by Michael Hemming’s, Rubber Jaw deliver beautifully constructed edgy vocals and provide a new lease of life into Art Rock/Indie in their melodic new piece of work – ‘Freaking Out’.

It was the pivotal decision of childhood friends Michael Henning’s and Ross Connel, along with their drummer Archie Mann to form the band, that would eventually catch the eyes and ears of music industry executive, Alan McGee, which ultimately saw this thrilling band sign to his new label Creation23.

If you are a lyric obsessive (as I am), then the challenge of successfully deciphering their meaning brings a greater appreciation of the song. Lyrics such as ‘Butchered lines of dead poets softly spoken, stolen couplets’ resonate beautifully with me.

Upon delivering this second release after ‘Feeling Funny’, the Essex trio have already introduced a solid start to the band’s catalogue.

The band play The Moon, Cardiff tonight, 17th April for This Feeling part of the Creation23 tour…

Hear more and buy the vinyl over at https://creation23.tmstor.es/




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