The swaggering sounds of Spark is what we all need to get our weekend started. The Mojo Filters are a psychedelic rock band who always pack a punch. Their songs are filled with so much energy and soul. Spark is the latest release for the Birmingham boys after the success of Paradise Circus which has a more emotional feel to the song. The Mojo Filters are a self confessed rough and ready rock band for the true working class. Spark is fit for a Guy Ritchie movie soundtrack. To understand you’ll simply have to head over to Spotify to give the track a listen. The urgency of vocals reminds me of The Stooges. The fuzzy hypnotic Hendrix style guitar sounds transports you back in time to the 60’s which in this musical climate is completely refreshing. The drums are performed with such vitality that they leave you feeling completely pumped. This is definitely my new weekend anthem and I think it will be yours too. When you go to their gigs you are really watching a band properly play with feeling rather than simply trying to perfect every note. You can catch them this evening performing at Actress & Bishop in Birmingham for the Red Stripe – This Feeling gig.



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