The arena shaking Brighton duo are back ahead of next month’s album ‘Typhoons’.  The most recent track that they’ve revealed is called ‘Limbo’, and if you look at the new sound they’re going for, then you’d agree that this title is pretty accurate. They’ve taken their inspired combination of bluesy bass riffs with loose drum rolls and swapped them for perfectly placed hooks over crisp disco beats. They’ve also wandered over to the other side of the studio to mess about on the synths, which was always bound to happen. 

Some trademark elements of the old Royal Blood remain but with this single, and likely the album, they have gone further down the rabbit hole of commercial success by expanding on a riff-rock-synth-pop hybrid. It will be interesting to see how they pull it off live, in front of an audience that know them for their heavier, rib rattling performances. 







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