photo credot: Max Dillon

photo credit: Max Dillon

Legss combine a mix of soundscapes over Ned Green’s poetic laments, as they offer thoughts on bleak, modern day normality. There are statements that can unsettle, and musicality that might be challenging for the listener at first; but will reward them for sticking with. The almost orchestral arrangements range from guitar droning post-punk to electronic Mike Skinner-esque boom-bap that suit the wry observations of a gifted lyricist. 

The London based art-rock band strive to push against conventions in their music, and while the featured song in question ‘Doomswayers’, is the concluding title track of their sophomore EP, it’s recommended to start from the beginning of the five tracks to get a true sense of this vastly intricate body of work. The Doomswayers music video is out today. 








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