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It’s hard to believe that Tom Grennan is only 21. Bedford born, Tom is a bluesy, soulful mash of indie,

songwriting, genius.

The past year has seen him graduate from university with a drama and physical theatre degree, to later

burst onto the music scene with his collaboration ‘When it All goes Wrong’  with electronic giants, Chase

and Status. He then toured with them, later on last year.

He also opened up for The Libertines at Brixton, and now in February, Tom, is on his first solo tour, which is

practically sold out. 


Where your love of music stems from? Who do you listen too?  Who inspires you and when did music

become a such huge part of your life?

My love for music stemmed randomly when I really I was drunk….. and that’s when it happened and music became something, a really a big part of my life. I’m inspired by Amy Winehouse, Solomon, Timmy Thomas, and Alex turner.

Your voice is beautiful, I’ve had you on repeat all day. When and where did you discover it?

Thank you!! Again I discovered it randomly at a party I was drunk and it just come out aha!!

At what point did you think I’m going to start writing my own material?

Ever since it started I tried writing and trying to tell my story really!

You appeared on the fabulous Chase and Status track ‘When It All Goes Wrong’ the videos brilliant, guess

that acting degree came in useful! I bet you have been asked this a million times but can you elaborate a bit

on that for me and tell a bit about what it was like working with them?

It was wicked to work with them I’ve been a fan for years so to get the call was mad! There really cool guys and great to work with!

Your EP ‘Something in the Water’ is very raw, what can we expect from your next EP? Tell me all about it,

where has the inspiration come from for it?

My next ep I would say is a step up with more sound! The inspiration came from what happening in my life at the moment I guess!

You’ve got your solo tour in February that is practically sold out, how do you prepare for a gig? Have you

any funny stories whilst out gigging? I’m sure supporting Pete and The Libertines was interesting?

Yeah, it’s crazy nearly all sold out I’m buzzing!! I don’t have many funny story’s really apart from I was playing a random show in Keele and I smashed my guitar in my face during one of my songs and just had to keep playing while in some crazy pain!!

Any pre-show rituals that might be of interest?

Not really apart from jumping around the place getting myself onnnn it!

What else can we look forward to in 2017, any word on an album release yet?

Yeah, I’m in the process of writing one but right now concentrating on the release of my ep and tour!!

With your busy work schedule you probably have very little time for anything but music at the moment….

If you get time off what sort of things do you enjoy doing?

I’ve started the gym and that and sometimes kick a football round for a few hours but mainly in writing, in the studio or sleeping ahah!

Finally, I hear you’ve been received well by your female fan base…….. Have you a message for the


Message to the girls! Thank you for the love, I love you all too!!!


Tom kicks off his headline tour on 6th of February at Gulliver’s in Manchester. All tour dates are on Tom’s

website below.


Tom Grennan Twitter


Tom Grennan Facebook


Tom Grennan Website




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