Hi guys, thanks for taking part in our Leeds festival special! How has the festival season been for you so far? And what has been your highlight?

Festival season has been great for us so far, we’ve been blessed to play so many festivals this year and there’s still a few to go! I think Leeds has already become our highlight, we just finished playing on the Festival Republic Stage and it was huge. The tent was around a quarter full, and it was a fat tent, so for us it’s big joojoo.

Where do you usually gather song writing information? And what’s the song writing process?

Usually Joel is the writer of the framework of the song, and the rest of us pile in to fill it out, but I don’t think we have a definite writing process. Anyone one of us can be inspired by anything at any time, and so in that regard the songwriting process can always be different, sometimes we write all together, sometimes we write alone, sometimes our mums write for us.

Hailing from Cardiff, how would you describe the music scene there? Is it much different to the rest of the U.K.?

There are plenty of great bands coming out of such a small space in Cardiff, and that’s a quality we think is hard to find elsewhere. Bands like Estrons and Pretty Vicious are making deep waves at the moment and helping put Cardiff on the map for music, Tom Jones couldn’t do it by himself.

Your double EP ‘Above the Moon’ is out now, can you give us a little description about it ?

‘Above the Moon’ is basically like a greatest hits of all the songs we’ve written in the past two years, as a combination of our first two EP’s. It was put out to the wonderful guys at Alcopop! Records, who look after tonnes of great bands like Get Inuit, and put on some sick shows. Jack from Alcopop! knows how to party too, which is always good. Yes Jack.

If you guys were to organise your own festival, who would you have headline and why ?

If mortality wasn’t a question then definitely the Beatles. The Beatles are King.

What’s been your biggest challenge as a band to date?

Dealing with each other on a drive from Glasgow to Cardiff, MINGING.

What advice do you have for people wanting to start their own band?

It all starts with the songs, if you can write decent tunes then you’re onto a winner. Mind you a lot of bands at the moment get by on their Twitter presence so if you’re good at Twitter then Bob’s your Uncle and Fannies your Aunt.

Do you have any upcoming shows you would like our readers to know about?

We’re heading out on tour in October and November, firstly supporting our buds the Amazons on their headline tour, and then heading out on a bit of a journey of our own around the UK. One of our favourite bands at the moment and good friends White Room are joining us on a few of our dates too so it’s gonna be mental.

How can fans to be access your music?

Currently everything’s on Spotify, including our latest single “There Is A Place”, which you should listen to cause it’s a banger. Besides that everything’s sort of everywhere, we’ve got Twitter and Instagram and Facebook, we’re working on getting a Bebo if Bebo is still a thing too.


Wed 5 Oct Sheffield
The Rocking Chair*
Thu 6 Oct Tynemouth
Surf Cafe*
Frid 7 Oct Glasgow
Attic At The Garage*
Tue 11 Oct Leeds
Thu 13 Oct London
Fri 14 Oct Reading
Readipop *
Sun 23 Oct Bristol
The Louisiana
Thu 27 Oct London
Sun 30 Oct Oxford
The Library Pub
Wed 2 Nov Sheffield
Bungalows & Bears
Fri 4 Nov Stoke-on-Trent
Sun 6 Nov Derby
The Maypole Cafe Bar & Theatre
Mon 7 Nov Birmingham
Hare And Hounds
Wed 9 Nov Glasgow
Thu 10 Nov Edinburgh
Electric Circus
Fri 11 Nov North Shields
Surf Café

*w/The Amazons


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Interview and photos by Imogen Thomas


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