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As potential stars of the future continue, week in, week out, to cut their teeth at local independent venues up and down the country they are supported by an army of promoters, photographers, brands, bloggers, DJ’s, webzines/magazines along with their swarming legions of fans who continually grow by the minute. 


There is an abundance of talent right now across the board and glimpses of huge optimism for guitar music are becoming more and more apparent. One thing is for certain, a sense of community and loyalty in the grassroots venues are the lifeblood of the music scene and we must take all steps necessary to preserve this. 


Never ones to be unappreciative of the support their events get, This Feeling has recently announced a fantastic exhibition at the legendary London venue Nambucca showcasing some of the work of some of the most prolific and dedicated photographers on the scene including Will Ireland Photography, The Alan Wells, Jeff Moh Photography, Rachel Brown Photography, Gary Prior, Jon Mo Photography, Ffiôn_photos_x Andrew Takes Photos, Rhona Murphy Photography, Callum O’Keefe, Katie Willoughby.

“Thanks to these photographers bands are being seen and then heard. Vital to the grassroots scene in today’s climate, I’ve nothing but love and respect for these guys, and others like them, who are capturing the zone in all its early glory”

Mikey Jonns

This is very important as the exhibition features an array of photographers who are capturing and documenting timeless slivers of stillness amid all the madness and boy are they doing a damn good job of it.  Any band, promoter, gig-goer literally anyone working or loving music should be there to champion these diamonds. This is an opportunity to say thank you, you are appreciated! Attending events like ‘Unsung Heroes’ is just as important as supporting your favourite new bands. The event will take place next Saturday on the 9th of March.


Okay, so why is this so important? 

‘If supporters – like photographers – at grassroots cease to exist then that right there, is the true threat to the life of live guitar music’

Rachel Brown


Every single day we see bands, managers, promoters all working hard, trying to do what they can to make great music and hopefully create the next generation of a successful music industry; where the mainstream music media fail to cover these journeys, the unsigned army steps up. The unsigned scene is sometimes sadly overlooked by the mainstream music industry, which is insane. Any artist or bands journey starts right in the heart of it and the support they receive at this level builds their profile so that are seen and noticed by people who can take them to the next step. 


The Vitrines & The Dead Freights – Rhona Murphy Photography

It’s no secret that the music industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world and these days the camera is almost been seen as the equivalent of a pen, with almost everyone giving it a go. There’s some fierce competition out there but with low payment – if any – it leaves only the dedicated and passionate ones standing. Making a living in this game can be extremely hard especially at grassroots level – but this doesn’t stop them. 


Each and every one of these people involved in the scene have one thing in common – they do it because the passion for live, new music runs through their veins. We all have favourite bands that have broken through and gone on to play to thousands in the big arenas up and down the country – but they didn’t start there. Without the supporters at the beginning of their journey, bands would not have had the platforms to get their music out there. 



I applaud and thank each and every photographer for their dedication to the scene and urge every single band and artist to appreciate the time and effort these people put in – as a photography novice myself I know how many hours are spent travelling to gigs and editing photos!

Unsung Heroes’ is the perfect opportunity to showcase the bands, the passion, dedication and talent of these brill photographers and I hope to see you there!

EVENT PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/events/317339422242153/





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