Back at the beginning of February our Welsh correspondent Blaine Madgewick frequented his local thriving music venue, The Moon in Cardiff for another This Feeling new music extravaganza. 

First up for the night is Pastel. Fresh from a recent sold-out show in Swansea the five-piece is looking very chilled on stage. As I look around, I can spot more than a few Pastel t-shirts in the crowd which always perks up my interest. Frontman Jack Yates welcomes the crowd in his thick Manchester accent, lollipop and lager in hand he smashes into the first song of the night. Pure old school, no fucking about 90s sound, shoegaze heaven. I love it!


 Now I’m a massive fan of the 90s sound, but there are WAY too many bands nowadays trying to be something they are not, trying to capture the sounds of that beautiful era and unfortunately falling short. Nothing worse than watching a pale imitation. But these lads are far fucking from it! As the gig goes on the crowd is loving it; a few clear fans I spot are singing every song word for word and are getting the energy in the room hyped up. All in all probably one of the best opening bands I’ve ever seen at a gig. There’s a definite Stone Rose’s vibe, hints of DMA’s in there too and even a touch of Happy Mondays. They’ve got a beautiful little energy on stage also, looking very comfortable and chilled out, they’ve got an attitude without the attitude if that makes sense. These lads won’t be openers for long, that’s a fucking guarantee! 

The second band of the night is GETRZ, a band I’ve been looking forward to seeing live for a while, so I’m pretty excited to see what they offer. They indeed live up to my expectations. High energy straight off the bat, jumping about on a stage that would be more suited to a small intimate acoustic set makes for a fucking quality dirty gig atmosphere. Thrashing his guitar around frontman Josh Heather gets the crowd pumped up. A small pit forms at the front, and the lager starts to spill, the way a proper gig should be!
Musically, I’m loving it. I’m getting a rather strange mash-up of early Arctic Monkeys and Blossoms! Then for a few of the heavier guitar driven songs, there’s a Strokes feel coming through. I happened to notice the lads at the start of the night as well; they were right at the front with cans in hand and arms in the air. I’ve been to plenty of gigs where bands tend to slope off or hang about at the back of the venue while other groups play, and it’s not a nice thing to see. But even after their set, I spotted the lads again taking up their former position right at the front, and that’s pretty much where they stayed all night. Always great to see bands supporting each other!
Next up we have The Estavans, they are the headline band of the night but as is often the case in rock and roll some scheduling issues mean they are on a little early. Now I’ll start off by saying that I have already seen these guys live, I was lucky enough to catch them at The Water Rats London back in November, and they were actually one of my stand out bands of the night. So take this review as a little biased if you must, but I’m sticking with my original assessment, the boys are on fire!
I fucking loved them the first time I saw them, and I fucking love them now, a proper indie rock band, they have everything you want in equal measure, decent guitar tunes, proper energy, proper stage presence, they give you a proper fucking gig. They’ve got a bit of a punky edge to a few of the songs as well, and the lads keep it fresh throughout their set switching it up on the vocals. A definite pleaser and a headline band to be sure!



Last up for the night are Local Enemy. Again I should probably say that I’ve seen these lads a fair few times over the previous few years, so as they start off, I’ll admit I’m probably not paying as much attention as I should be. I’ve seen the lads play festival stages and I’ve seen them on the small stages, much like tonight’s venue. I know what to expect; I’m familiar with their set, I’m familiar with their songs and the way they play so as I’ve said I’m probably not paying as much attention as I should. A mistake on my part!


Maybe it’s the energy of the night 3 fucking quality bands have roused the crowd up for a climactic finale. Or perhaps it’s just because as always at This Feeling gigs, the bands bring their A game. Whatever it is, despite seeing them more than a few times, tonight Local Enemy is a very different band. Heavy guitar driven riffs absolutely ripping. I can see the lads are loving it on stage too in their own little bubble of rock n roll. There’s PLENTY of attitude from them as they smash out their tunes to a more than a receptive audience, crowd surfing ensues from both punters and band members as the dirty rock sounds play on. By far the best I’ve seen them play. If your a fan of Courteeners/Kasabian/Catfish then get yourself along to a Local Enemy gig. 

Once again This Feeling have their finger on the pulse for the best upcoming bands and new music. A absolutely quality night, it may even be my favourite This Feeling gig at The Moon Club to date. Stand out bands of the night for me are openers Pastel who I can guarantee will be making waves and GETRZ who smashed their set to bits.

If you see either on a bill somewhere, then get a ticket pronto and thank me later!.


PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Ffiôn_photos_


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