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This Feeling returns to Y Not Festival (27-29 July / sold out)

with a HUGE line up of emerging stars…

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Having made such an impression on 2016 that some revellers didn’t leave “The Zone” all weekend and Noel Gallagher dedicated ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ from the main stage to “all the bands in the This Feeling tent”. The UK’s top live rock n roll club night is back at Y Not? and brings a galaxy of Britain’s brightest shining new stars taking their place on one of the biggest festival line ups of the summer, including Stereophonics, DMA’s, Slaves, Happy Mondays, The Vaccines, Jake Bugg + lots more….

This Feeling at The Allotment…Trampolene, Bang Bang Romeo, Paves, Blackwaters, Sheafs, The Wholls, The Cosmics, The Spitfires, White Room, Avalanche Party, The Assist, The Swiines, Mint, Vida, Liberty Ship, The Strawberries, The Americas, False Heads, Kier, Cassia, Shambolics, The Surrenders, Himalayas, Misfires, Emily Capell, Cherry Hex And The Dreamchurch, Arcades, Of Empires, Autumn Diet Plans, Endless Peaks, Cabezudos, Proletariat, Breed, Sunflower Thieves, Matter Of Mind, Sauce, Grayves, The Lids, Idolising Nova, Electric Pyramid, Carnival Club, Sauce + The Lids.

The Wholls PHOTO

From the first to last set, every name on this bill has been hand picked for entertainment value, critical acclaim and music lovers recommendation. Between them, the line up are already at underground cult rock star status, picked up amazing industry interest and deals, are potential future festival headliners. 

The feedback from This Feeling festival summer stages thus far is almost without fail…. 

“Where have this band been all of my life?!” 

If you are at Y Not? Catch this incredible emerging talent, day splits/stage times below, get ’em in yer planner. and

Day splits/stage times:

Thursday 27th July

9:00pm No Hot Ashes

8:00pm Mint

7:20pm Arcades

6.40pm Matter Of Mind

6:00pm Misfires

5:20pm Breed

4:40pm Carnival Club

4:00pm The Lids

Friday 28th July

9:30pm Trampolene

8:30pm The Swiines

7:30pm The Wholls

6:40pm White Room

5:50pm Blackwaters

5:00pm The Assist

4:15pm Sunflower Thieves

3:30pm Avalanche Party

2:45pm The Jackobins

2:00pm Gravves

1:15pm The Americas

12:30pm Sauce

Saturday 29th July

9:30pm The Spitfires

8:30pm Paves

7:30pm The Strawberries

6:40pm Himalayas

5:50pm Sheafs

5:00pm Liberty Ship

4:15pm Autumn Diet Plans

3:30pm False Heads

2:45pm Keir

2:00pm Cassia

1:15pm Endless Peaks

12:30pm The Surrenders

Sunday 30th July

9:30pm Bang Bang Romeo

8:30pm Proletariat 

7:30pm The Cosmics

6:40pm Vida

5:50pm Shambolics

5:00pm Plastic People

4:15pm Cherry Hex & The Dreamchurch

3:30pm Emily Capell

2:45pm Cabezudos

2:00pm Idolising Nova

1:15pm Electric Pyramid

12:30pm Of Empires

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