As we are all aware, Saturday 13th January sees the first of a series of ‘This Feeling Big in 2018’ gigs down at Nambucca in Camden. Our next interviewee, Lucie Barat, has the nerve-wracking task of opening up proceedings. Mikey Jonns is known for his talent-spotting capabilities and has welcomed Lucie in to the This Feeling family only too readily, knowing this singer-songwriter for not only her poetry and lyric writing but her sense of community and readiness to support others which is a huge part of being within the This Feeling team. We caught up with Lucie briefly to hear how her plans were going and what she is hoping for in 2018.

So this will be This Feeling’s first gig of 2018 and your first ever This Feeling appearance. How excited are you?!
Ridiculously excited to be initiated into the This Feeling family and humbled to be playing alongside THE most important acts breaking through this year. I have huge respect for Mister Mega Mikey Jonn and the team and I am looking forward to adding my all to the ‘zone’ empire.

The line up is exceptional – all this talent under one roof! Have you played Nambucca or Camden before?

Me and Camden go back a very long way… I actually played the pre-fire Nambucca for one of my very first gigs with my very first band! I think we were on the bill with the Rifles and the Pigeon Detectives and we all got a cab into Soho afterwards to party the night away at Frog – an indie club night now long defunct. But Camden, like London, lives forever. It just keeps reincarnating.

Lucie, you have had such a busy year! On reflection, what was your best bit of 2017?

My best bit of 2017 was releasing my first solo single and having such humbling support. It was also very special to support my brother and friends on tour. It was a proper trip down memory lane and a fantastic opportunity.

Do you have any new year resolutions for you personally and for the band?

I am a constant list maker and a fairly spontaneous personality – I make resolutions regularly I now avoid any sort of dry January though, to save on the disappointment.

How’s 2018 looking for you so far?

Well, I’m hitting the ground running with plenty of gigs in the diary, and some exciting stuff that I hope will be firmed up soon enough! My next single campaign starts mid Feb and my six-track EP ‘Slave to Something’ is released later this year. I’m ending the year on tour which I’m already looking forward to and I’ll also be recording my debut album.

Thank you Lucie! We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

Cheers! We’ll see you Saturday – I’m opening early doors at 7.25! I’m the newest This Feeling band so I’ll have to earn my stripes!

Listen to Lucie at.. 

Spotify: http://bit.ly/BE-UPRISING
YouTube: http://bit.ly/BeUprising



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