This Feeling are back again this year at Reading Festival and have just announced this phenomenal Jack Rocks stage line up. Bringing the future of rock and roll to the biggest festivals up and down the country, This Feeling have made Reading absolutely massive with a selection of the best, independent, top quality acts from up and down the UK. 

Festival goers will be treated to the likes of Baby Strange, Trampolene, The Shimmer Band, Broken Witt Rebels, The Sundowners, The Spitfires, White Room and many, many others. Below is a few of my personal highlights but in all fairness, I wouldn’t miss any of these bands, the Jack Rocks/This Feeling tent is worthy of a festival all on its own and if I was attending Reading I’d have my derrière glued there the whole weekend because this is the heart of future guitar music. So take a tip from me, get your head and your hearts out of the 90’s/noughtie’s and take the time to appreciate some of the insane talent which is on all of your doorsteps. 


Trampolene (Wales)

Trampolene are made up of Jack Jones, Wayne Thomas and Rob Steele. They are an alternative rock band who have released six EPs, the latest being the “Beautiful Pain” EP which came out on 7 July 2017. They mesmerising to watch live and put on an enthralling and at times impulsive show, which was proven earlier on in the year at Isle of White festival when Jack launched himself high off the tent posts.


Easily one of the best pictures of the year taken by Will Ireland. This band is an unpredictable, poetic, beautiful chaos that you would be a fool to miss.

The Shimmer Band (Bristol)

Make no buts about it, psychedelic rockers The Shimmer band belong in the charts and on stages in huge arenas, churning out a constant stream of explosive in yer face hits, the Bristol band are thrillingy fresh and won’t be underground for much longer. Once this band seize your attention they won’t let you go, they will shake and rock you to your very core. They’ve successfully taken all thats great from psychedelic rock and made it their own. I’ve been a massive fan of the band from the minute I discovered them over a year ago and highly recommend you watch them on the smaller stages while you can.

The Blinders (Doncaster/Manchester)

I’m a lyrics person and I love a band that performs with meaning. I have been searching the past 14 months for a band I could truly believe in, a band that would blow me straight out of the water and don’t get me wrong there has been a few but The Blinders, for me have something special. I’d been aware of them for about a year before I got to see them live at Camden, I liked them but just by listening online they didn’t grab me, yet when I saw them live I got it, I got the reason why there was all this buzz around them, it was that moment I really and truly fucking got the band and fell in love with them.

There are not many bands who can grab you like that the first time you see them perform.

 The band is a group made up of great creative minds, Thomas (or Johnny Dream who is Thomas’s onstage alter ego), Matty and Charlie. Thomas and Charlie are influential songwriters, with songs that are amongst a lot of other things are chronicling current social and political issues in an insanely cool way. For me personally, a bands primary responsibility is to reflect what life is like right now and The Blinders are doing just that. 


Photo: Caffy St Luce

I honestly feel like I am following a band that will make history, they have all the elements of a iconic, influential band, one that I am certain can make a change and a huge impact on the music scene today. They are poets with punk hearts and I can see this band maturing quickly and look forward to what is coming in the future, as I think the band have the ability (like a lot of the greats) to write not only in depth, meaningful, poetic lyrics but also simple, honest and funny ones that will translate into some insanely great albums.  

Bang Bang Romeo (Sheffield)

Showing absolutely no signs of slowing down, Bang Bang Romeo consists of the vocal powerhouse that is Anastasia Walker, Richard Gartland and Ross Cameron who are climbing at a rapid speed to be one of the best bands to come out of Yorkshire (YORKSHIRE! YORKSHIRE! Sorry couldn’t resist!) With Anastasia’s earth shattering vocals, she exudes stardom and constantly demonstrates an exquisite sense of control over her voice which is a delight to listen to and watch. Showing how its done and paving the way for future female front women, Anastasia should also be applauded for helping break down rock’s embedded sexism note by note by been one of the best female front woman to arise from the underground scene. 

The band have a catalogue of hits that stick in your head for days. Richard and Ross play together beautifully & flawlessly and they all gel together as one coherent unit making Bang Bang Romeo an absolute must see. Listen to their latest single ‘Chemical’ which is chocka-full of catchy hooks, memorable melodies, and dynamic vocals below. 

Strange Bones (Blackpool)

What can I say about Strange Bones, apart from these are one band that should be on top of your list to see live. I first listened online and thought “Jesus these are a bit heavy for my usual tastes” but then when I saw them live and you had to hold me back from the mosh pit. This band know how to get the crowd going alright. Frontman and larger than life force, Bob Bentham, is absolutely mind blowing, the band jump around the stage like they are on hot bricks and are absolutely mystifying.


When the band brace the stage they involve the entire audience, its not just clever its genius. There is a huge gap just waiting for Strange Bones to fill in the mainstream and if the band continue as they are doing its literally only a matter of time before they reap the rewards of what is clearly consistent hard work and passion for what they do. I absolutely love them, DO NOT MISS STRANGE BONES OR ELSE! 

Sisteray (East London)

Amazing live, musically tight and not surprisingly maintaining velocity, I draw your attention to East London 5 piece Sisteray. Daring to go against the establishment and constantly challenging people to see what was going on with anger, frustration, and thought-provoking lyrics, anybody who hates Theresa May and the Tory government will love Sisteray. This band has the balls and the talent to address very important issues through music, do not miss em.

Sheafs (Sheffield)

Turning heads in all the right places and recently beating hundreds of bands up and down the UK to win last years Virgin Freshfest competition are the magnificent Sheafs. The bands onstage passion and presence is unquestionable and every performance I’ve seen has been stellar. Unlike a lot of young indie bands to come out of Sheffield, Sheafs have their own sound and are instantly recognisable with their dark baselines and heavy riffs which results in a satisfying gritty rock sound.


Theres a sense of strength within Sheafs as a band and charismatic frontman Lawrence has a powerful aura that oozes style and substance. The band all clearly buzz off each other with every performance and they never fail to deliver an electrifying show. Yet another Yorkshire band to not miss! 

Emily Capell (London)

If you haven’t heard of Emily Capell you will do soon, she’s a little mod with a massive voice and an absolutely hypnotising stage presence. Emily Capell plays solo or with her band, the Three Pete Sweet, I last saw her at the Isle of Wight festival where I immediately became a massive fan. Emily put masses of personality across in her performance and she’s impressively performed live sessions on BBC Radio London and Radio X. This girl has the talent and attitude to take her places, make sure you head over to Jack Rocks for this fabulous lady.

I reiterate again that the whole line up is worthy of a mention but alas its my birthday and I must dash. A few I must give a shout to and that are definitely worth 5 minutes of your time are  SONS, FALSE HEADS, WHITE ROOM, THE WHOLLS, PAVES, BLACKWATERS, MINT, THE AMERICAS, THE STRAWBERRIES, HIMALAYAS, BREED & THE JACKOBINS.

I hope all the This Feeling family have an amazing time next weekend and I shall see you all soon.

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