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Following on from the highly successful festival campaigns of the summer and the epic #Alive tour in winter, passionate music enthusiast, Mikey Jonns of This Feeling kicked off 2018 in an explosive fashion last night at the legendary London venue Nambucca with #BigIn2018.

At the heart of the London’s underground rock n roll scene, Nambucca was packed full of energy and there was not a single person under that roof that was not feeling it or for the more excitable ones like myself, going crazy. 

Nambucca housed nine of the hottest talents that the This Feeling team tip to be big in 2018. Judas, Anteros, Sheafs, Hey Charlie, Avalanche Party, Himalayas, Calva Louise, The Surrenders and Lucie Barat. It hard to describe the atmosphere and do it justice – it was just fucking magical. You get this natural high off the energy that surrounds you at a This Feeling night. The people around you share the same excitement as you, it’s like you can connect with anyone there. I literally want to drag all my friends along to experience it. The bands came on and off that stage like whirlwinds of non-stop energy, sweeping you along for the ride. Here’s a bunch of bands that without any doubt, would have been flying high in the charts 15-20 years ago. All nine bands could have easily headlined that stage – every one mesmerising and engaging – they got me where music should, right in the heart and the soul. 

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Photo: This Feeling Facebook

The This Feeling family is solid right now – this ever-growing community of fans, bands, bloggers and photographers continue to work and party together in a glorious unison. It’s how it should be with the current times we live in: we are all up against things more than ever and without the support from one another we risk losing the live music scene. We must continue to make the effort, step out of our comfort zones, engage and support all these people working so hard to protect it. We must support our live music venues because sadly, they are struggling and dropping like flies. This goes for everyone, you lazy gits sat on the sofa, the bands, fans, everyone. I must have seen members of at least ten other bands in the crowd on Saturday – there’s no competition – everyone’s in it together. People of all ages squeezed into the venue like sardines to support and watch the phenomenal delights of #BigIn2018. 

These spectacles of live music and messy nights are something else and they are undoubtedly set to continue making history. It’s relentless and consistent, you go to one and think it just can’t get any better but it does and this is why support for This Feeling is coming in thick and fast. Radio stations and big brands continue to jump on board and it’s sublime.

Buckle your seat belts because if Saturday is anything to go by, 2018 is going to be one hell of a ride.

#BigIn2018 dates:

Manchester Jimmy’s – 20th Jan
w/ Proletariat, Mint, Matter Of Mind + Voodoos.

Manchester Jimmy’s – 21st Jan
w/ Wulfman Fury, The Jade Assembly, Generation + The Racket.

London The Monarch – 25th Jan 
w/ The Velvet Hands, The Scruff, Ulysses Wells, Nadia Sheikh, Sleeptalking + Sons.

Glasgow Broadcast – 9th Feb 
w/ Heavy Rapids, Rituals, Carousel + The Capollos.

All shows £6 advance…

Rachel Brown



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