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We travelled down to London this week for the brilliant This Feeling Alive tour press day to chat with all the bands on this years tour, Trampolene, The Surrenders and Brighton band Lacuna BloomeLacuna Bloome have seemed to appear out of nowhere and are quickly gaining a strong reputation to be the next big thing out of Brighton. I’d met with the band earlier in the year when they played for This Feeling and Scotts Clothing in Sheffield at Tramlines Festival and loved their hazy, rock n roll vibe. I chatted to Niall Logue (vocals, guitar), Sam Leaver (guitar), Molly Walker (bass) and Noah Haines (drums) about the past year, how to say ethereal (don’t ask ha), what’s currently going on for them and about the new single set to be released next week. 

You’ve played many festivals this year including Isle Of Wight, 2Q and Tramlines, which was the best and why?

To be honest we loved them all but it’s got to be the Isle of Wight. It was the 50th anniversary and it was our second ever gig, the third one was Tramlines. We absolutely loved it, its lot more civilised than festivals we’d normally visit as punters like Reading, no naked people on poles!

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Your releasing new music on the 23rd of this month ‘Find Your Way’, can you tell me all about the track?

Well, it seems like a bit of a tribute to lots of different musicians, like your Bowie, your Oasis, U2. The list could go on. Lyrically, it’s about a break up and then finding your way. It was all quite quick from the writing to the recording. We jammed it at Sam’s house in his shed basically the day before we were meant to be recording it and thought it sounded really good. We were supposed to record a different song but felt like this one was the one. We got such a good high from it that we wanted to go straight in and capture it while their was good energy. 

How important is it for you all to be part of the creative side of things within the band? 

I think it’s really important that we all have an opinion and a role in that side of things and because Molly is doing art at university its really important to her that she’s involved in the visual side. We’ve just done some merch that Molly designed. We all make sure we’re all involved which I think is very healthy. It would feel a shame to not have all of our input and live it down to one person.

Are radio and print magazine coverage still important to you as a young band?

Yes, I think they are definitely still important and a lot of big names are still going strong. They still have a big impact and I think its good to be authentic how you get your music across, the internet makes everything impersonal. We love Radio X, the John Kennedy show and getting ‘Track Of the Week’ with Gordon Smart and This Feeling was brilliant for us. It’s so great to have that sort of support from the get go.

How important is the Alive tour to you?

It’s absolutely massive and when we got offered it, it was just so unexpected. A year ago Sam and Niall got sold tickets for the Brighton Alive show and to now this year we’re playing it is just insane. We love all The Surrenders and Trampolene and know its going to be a great laugh. We remembered going to the Alive tour last year and seeing The Shimmer Band, Blackwaters and Bang Bang Romeo and never expected we’d be on it this year. Huge love to This Feeling for the opportunity and for today, it’s all been great. 

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So what’s the ultimate dream for Lacuna Bloome?

It’s really hard as it keeps changing as things keep happening, we set a goal and then you achieve it and we’re like what’s next!? We’d love to do the NME stage at Reading, that’s on the list as well as Glastonbury.

Musically, whats next for Lacuna Bloome? 

Niall’s written a load of new songs that we all really love and are introducing into the set but its hard when to decide when to release new music as this upcoming release ‘Find Your Way’ will be the third release this year. Next year we don’t currently have a plan on what’s going to happen regarding releasing new music next year, but we are definitely more focussed on releasing singles. We don’t want to release everything to quick either as it can get overlooked and you end up shooting yourself in the foot.

Why should people come and see you on the Alive tour? 

We’re gonna get the party started big time! It’s also your chance to see the next big thing!

You can catch Lacuna Bloome with The Surrenders and Trampolene on the The Feeling Alive tour on the following dates…


20 Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach w/ The Pitchforks
22 Birmingham Hare & Hounds w/ Young Chasers
23 Sheffield The Record Junkee w/ The Seamonsters
24 Manchester Night People w/ King Cartel
27 Brighton The Green Door Store w/ King Kuda
28 London Dingwalls w/ Cavalcade
29 Leeds Brudenell Social Club w/ Bad Bug
30 Glasgow Cat House w/ The Good Arms
01 Newcastle Head of Steam w/ The Yada Yada Yadas


Follow Lacuna Bloome at: 

TWITTER: lacunabloome
INSTAGRAM: lacunabloome
SNAPCHAT: lacunabloome


The This Feeling Alive tour takes on where the NME left off, filling venues with pure adrenaline and pushing the best underground talent from all areas of the UK. The Alive tour is VERY important to the music scene as it creates a huge step up and platform for upcoming bands. Powered by the relentless enthusiasm and positivity from Mikey Jonns, his team, brand and media associates like Red Stripe, Radio X, Scott’s Clothing, Lyle & Scott and Pirate Studios to name but a few, bands who have previously emerged via This Feeling include Catfish and The Bottlemen, Blossoms, The Struts, Bang Bang Romeo and many, many more. 

The ‘This Feeling’ ethos is simple, they put on bands they love and back them like no other.

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