One of the most exciting bands on the UK scene are without a doubt Guilford indie rockers The Estevan’s. Influenced by the Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes and sixties music, the band are looking forward to hitting this road this week on the This Feeling, Scotts and Red Stripe #Alive tour with The Kicklips, Sugarthief and Hourglvss.

As always, This Feeling is all about the discovery and keeping the guitar and rock scene alive. The four bands on this year’s bill have been chosen for their budding brilliance and promise, and the Alive tour is your chance to be at the front by the barrier for indie’s next big thing – in their earliest days! To prove the point, stars of the first Alive tour Bang Bang Romeo are now touring stadiums with Pink

Bands need the whole package, tunes obviously been the most important! But they also need the style and attitude to go along with them and without mincing my words this band is cool as fuck. All recently dumped (don’t worry lads, they’ll regret it), the band are fired up and ready to give the #alive audiences a taste of what they are all about. I caught up with Guy (guitar), Oscar (guitar and vocals) and Olly who bangs the drums at the This Feeling, Scotts and Redstripe press day down at the Boogaloo in London a few weeks ago… 

So, boys, we’ve spoken before but for those who are new to the band, how long have you guys been together?

Oscar: Me and Guy have been mates since we were like 14 and then Olly joined the band in November 2016, so this line up 3 years. The bass player who isn’t here but better give him a mention joined in April 2017…

Olly: Since November 2016 we’ve been a good band…

Oscar: There ya go, until he joined we weren’t very good.

Olly: As soon as I saw the awful haircuts I thought, yep that’s relatable.

Oscar: We did a live stream earlier and someone goes who let Stevie W0nder cut his hair.


Haha, nothing wrong with a floppy mop. So you’re from Guilford, what’s the music scene like there?

Olly: BUSY…

Oscar: Well, its a bit rubbish to be honest. It revolves mainly around the music college and as I’m sure you can imagine there are loads of bands that aren’t very good. A few have broke through that are decent, Blackwaters and Sophie & The Giants. It’s literally three venues and people get stuck in it and just play the same places, we’re determined to get out of there.

Olly: Years ago we had The Stranglers but these days it’s just the college bands.

So how did you get involved with This Feeling, did they help you break out of Guilford?

Guy: Well, we got our manager and he kinda reined us in and stopped us playing very open mic in Guilford! He knew Mikey and sorted the This Feeling thing out, so as of a year ago this month we’ve been doing all kinds of stuff with them tours, gigs and festivals.

Oscar: Every opportunity This Feeling have given us has really helped our career and pushed us forward.

Olly: We’ve had an amazing summer doing stuff with them. Hilarious infact. They’re just so good at what they do, picking out the best bands and putting on really good gigs. 

Oscar: Can’t say a bad word about them. They’re about good music cause there’s just mountains and mountains of shit about. What makes it is the people who run it, they actually give a shit about new music. The people who run it actually care about the bands that are on This Feeling. They give the same support to someone who’s been with them years or months, it feels equal.


What are you currently up to music-wise? 

Oscar: We’ve just come out of the studio, a few weeks ago. There’s a guy called Gus O’Bergh who did the last three Strokes records he flew over from the states to work with us. He’s like given us a fresh opinion on our sound, so the stuff we’ll release will be a progression of we’ve already done.

Guy: He’s implemented some new techniques, he’s got the best takes and the best out of the songs. 

Oscar: What I love about him is his honesty, he’d be like ‘your playing shit!’ and that really helped us cause anyone can sit there going yeah ya sound great lads when the reality is you sound shit, so that really pushed us to be our best. 

What’s the sound like now then?

Olly: It’s more interesting, we’ve evolved and our first song we relaesed ‘Two Minutes’ is more what we are now than our second release in a way. Our second release ‘Gotta Know You’ we’ve grown out of it to be honest, we’ve had that track years.

Rachel: It’s a fucking banger tho!

Guy: Cheers! The new one from a lyrical perspective, I’d say theres a lot of British realism in it. It comes from us a group of 19 year olds from the UK been brought up in towns with fuck all to do really and what we’re upto. That’s what we write about in general.

Olly: We’re also forming more of a partnership now in our writing.

Oscar: Yeah, you cant force tho cause it gets frustrating if you sit and try to make it happen, it never works like that so when the times right and it feels right then we’ll write. It’s gotta be fun.

Guy: As things are progessing we’re all taking a more active role in the song writing aspect of things, its all cool.

As a young band who have been together three years, what advice would you give to new bands?

Olly: My advice to new bands would be, as soon as young kids form a band they’re like bam Instagram, bam Facebook. My advice would be to the first year, be smart about it, not that we were, but in hindsight go away record some tunes and find your strengths and weaknesses. Think about what you wanna achieve, jam a lot together and don’t rush stuff. Learn what you are like as a band, patience is something that’s really hard to have, I guess. 

Oscar: If you’re in it for the right reasons, its good to be obsessed and to be persistent.

Olly: Everyday we’re messaging in the group chat about the band. Usually, you gotta fucking change this, ya gotta fucking change that haha.

Oscar: Get involved in the scene, jam with as many people as you because you learn a lot about yourself and what you wanna do and what you don’t. That’s my advice.

Visiting quite a few cities on the #Alive tour, where are you looking forward to visiting the most?


Guy: We’re honestly looking forward to them all cause we love being on the road. We’re playing everyone’s hometown so the atmosphere is gonna be fucking amazing! Scotlands up there, more North you go more rowdy!

Oscar: We’re obvs really looking forward Guilford!

The Estevan’s play Record Junkee, Sheffield this Wednesday…



• Wednesday 2nd Oct This Feeling’s ALIVE TOUR COMMENCES Record Junkee Sheffield.
• Thursday 3rd Broadcast Glasgow.
• Friday 4th Night People & The Twisted Wheel Club Manchester.
• Saturday 5th The Hope & Ruin Brighton.
• Sunday 6th O2 Academy Oxford w/ Red Rum Club.
• Wednesday 9th Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff.
• Thursday 10th Thousand Island London.
• Friday 11th The BOILEROOM Guildford.
• Saturday 12th The Sunflower Lounge Birmingham.

Tickets for This Feeling’s ALIVE TOUR here:











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