Hey Charlie are our next band in the spotlight prior to Mikey Jonn’s ‘This Feeling Big in 2018’ at Nambucca, on Saturday which is now completely sold out! While London based, Hey Charlie will be new to this Camden venue. Lizz (on vocals and guitar), Sophie (on vocals and bass) and Lauren (on drums and backing vocals) make up this exceptional grunge band and we can’t wait to hear their unique sound.

So this will be This Feeling’s first gig of 2018 – how excited are you?!
Playing live is what we loooove so we’re always looking forward to being on stage. This should be extra fun as it’s the first show of the year & a great way to start 2018.

Have you played Nambucca or Camden before?
This is going to be the first time playing Nambucca for us! We’ve been to loads of gigs in the area though and it’s always a great night. I think once we had a little busking drunk singing moment (probably Wonderwall) with an old guy with a guitar outside the station. It’s Camden so I think that’s pretty normal, if not compulsory.

On reflection, what was your best bit of 2017?
There were so many cool parts to 2017. For us the highlight was probably touring Europe with All Time Low, it was our first ever tour and getting to play back-to-back shows every night in front of a few thousand people was pretty crazy.

Do you have any new year resolutions for you personally and for the band?

The band’s new years resolutions is to write a song a week and just to put more energy into the band than we ever have before.

How’s 2018 looking for you so far?
After Saturday night we’re back in studio finishing up our next single. We’re shooting the video in the next few weeks and then releasing the track to the world shortly after. Then we’re playing festivals around Europe, Where’s the Music? Festival in Sweden and Radar Festival in Switzerland, which should be a lot of fun!

Tickets are now sold out for #BigIn2018 at Nambucca…



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