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Band Members:

Harry Beresford – Lead Vocals/Guitar, Lew Whalley – Guitar/Backing Vocals

John Azopardi – Drummer/Backing Vocals, Tayte Nickols – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals

The Society area four piece indie-pop band from Manchester and are currently grasping A LOT of attention.

The band signed to Kidda Records in the most recent passing year of 2016 and from this, the band have been continuously developing their distinctive indie-pop guitar sound.

The four piece are due to be releasing their Debut EP, titled: ‘Given Up’, recorded at Catalyst Studios by Sugar House Producers. The EP holds some great tracks and possible anthems to cast your mind back on in the next few years. The EP is scheduled for release on the 24/02/17. The EP follows their debut single ‘Begging’, which is included in this 4-track masterpiece.

‘Given Up’ EP track list:

1. Intro (1.15)

2. Given Up (3.10)

3. Shed Your Tears (3.05)

4. Begging (2.50)

Lets start from beginning to end. The ‘Intro’ reels the listener in with great ambience and elevates the attention towards the rest of the EP; it causes curiosity to what is yet to come. Once this peaks to the beginning of ‘Given Up’, you are delved into an experimental atmosphere with great pop-sensibilities. This track brands the band’s overall sound and sets the mark for the EP. The instant drive of the number’s lead hooks you straight in.

‘Shed Your Tears’ turns your journey towards a calmer exploration of melodies and makes the bands experimentation evident. This track (like others) obviously holds a lot of emotion within its creative process and it really does show. Now to their previous Debut Single in addition to the EP, ‘Begging’. The final track is filled with influence from mainstream artists. The 1975 are a very bold influence showing through to The Society’s material and ambitions. Although influence is a clear drive for this track, their creativity really shines through this number, superb.

Overall, The Society are storming through the up and coming, hitting over 200k views within their social media. Their material is blasted with great melodies, great experimentation, clear development signs and full of emotion. The band’s debut single ‘Begging’ has been of most popular with BBC Introducing Manchester and has been kindly commented by the station as “Sounding HUGE and very Radio 1”.

Another mention for the Band was by Merc Clothing, who commented: “Infectious melodies and harmonies that prove the ‘feel good factor’ in the British Indie scene are alive and kicking in the band’s songs”.

There is clearly a bright future for this band so go check them out and remember, 24/02/17 – great band.

The Society play The Night and Day in Manchester on 25 February at 19:00


Tour dates to follow so keep your ears and eyes peeled!

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