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Born and bred and bursting out of Birmingham, Northern quintet The Mojo Filters are continuing to bring their unique brand of rock, roll and a little bit of soul to your ears. After releasing their four-track EP A Matter of Opinion in December of last year, their latest offering sets out to affirm their position as key figures in mashing together the past and present alternative scenes. 

Their intent is conveyed with a crystal clarity, too – the opening lyrics emphasise their attitude before the track shifts into a higher gear, with the lines “There’s nothing left to lose / This is a life that I choose” being belted out with authority. This stark opening sets the scene for an array of classic rock and soul vibes to be intertwined throughout the track, with the foundation of the opening line being reiterated throughout the song. 

 As for the objective sound of the track, you’re in for a treat if  Kula Shaker, The Temptations or  Rival Sons grace your music library – While the band’s Beatles’-inspired name may lead to certain assumptions of their sound, I can assure you that this isn’t the reality of the track. Rock has stormed its way to the core of the song, thanks to a thumping yet simple chorus, and even a harmonica; the unrecognised staple of a top rock ‘n’ roll tune.  

Subtle bent-notes bookmark the end of a riff with a signature stamp in an often overlooked telltale sign of a blast from the past. To refer to an artist that I’ve mentioned relentlessly of late, the track conveys an absolute attitude throughout, see the likes of Miles Kane – or perhaps more appropriately, the rock ‘n’ roll legends of yesteryear.  

The Mojo Filters seem to have channeled the very essence of the past, to create a tune that wouldn’t go amiss in a 1960s jukebox, or in your local Pretty Green store. While most modern rock and indie is strictly progressive, this often creates a range of similar, amalgamated efforts from even the best bands. By looking to the past, the band have made their mark in a paradoxically unique and refreshing manner.  

Following their current trajectory, 2018 looks promising for the Brummy boys, who are featuring in one of This Feeling’s ‘Big in 2018’ gigs, along with other upcoming indie rock titans Plastic Factory, The Velvet Hands and Himalayas.  

Check out their Facebook and keep and eye out for the band’s upcoming releases and dates. 



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