Frontman of the Bolton four-piece John ‘Foz’ Foster has been known to craft a strong vocal hook in his time. Whether he is singing about family, his hometown or the on goings that take place there, he has always told his lyrical tales with a powerfully uninhibited, heart on sleeve delivery.



However, on this occasion with ‘Time for a Change’, he uses his vocal talent to take a more critical approach towards current affairs.

The opening line (“Throw away your brain today & watch your government dictate”) sets a downtrodden tone as he observes societal strain, which when joined by the parading drums of Andy Watson, signifies a march into bleakness throughout the verse. The chorus then awakens a rousing call to arms, defiant at the thought of complete control lost.

Northern Exposure caught The Jade Assembly on their triumphant Manchester leg of the tour.

On a typically cold & rainy night in Manchester, there is all the more reason to seek refuge early on in Gorilla, situated underneath Oxford Road railway line.

The venue is already filled out for the support acts, and the early arrivals are treated to high octane entertainment by indie outfits Provocateurs & The Notion.

Up next is poet Oliver Lomax who’s syllabic turn quietens the half cut crowd for 10 minutes of thoughtfulness & wit before the headliners are introduced.

The Jade Assembly hammer through their catalogue which is now firmly cemented in the memory of their loyal following, affectionately known as “The Jade Army”. The highlight track of the night is indeed ‘Time for a Change’ that has seen national airplay & major coverage to the bands’ delight:

“We’ve been blown away by the response to the single. The venues have been rammed all through the tour – watch this space, it’s gonna be a big year”. – Foz.

The final leg of their tour takes place at Jimmy’s Liverpool on Saturday 7th March. Tickets: https://jimmys.live/event/the-jade-assembly-lpl/


Stream ‘Time For a Change:






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