Dean Peatfield – Singer
Joe Cubbin – Lead/Rhythm/Backing Vocals
Liam Duffy – Lead/Rhythm
Matty Dagger – Bass + Backing vocals
Jack Smith – Drums/Producer


Bolton. A city made famous by Peter Kay. Obnoxious people who insist on aggressively debating every other part of the country on what they call a teacake. Other than that, Bolton is like any other northern city. If Bolton’s musical history was a long as its accent, it would probably have more of a buzz about the town. The Attic Doctors themselves beg to differ, but they seem to be the only noise out of Bolton that is being heard in the right ears. The original four-piece of Dean Pleatfield, Joe Cubin, Matt Dagger and Jack Smith met at parties and through the Bolton bar/venue, The Blind Tiger. The band then decided to extend their sound and bring in a second guitarist, Liam Duffy. With enough Fred Perry and desert boots to dress a clone army of Liam Gallaghers, the five-piece have been pulling sizeable crowds at renowned venues in Manchester such as Night and Day Café and Castle Hotel, as well as being involved in 2016’s Indie Week, a festival well respected for showcasing the best up and coming talent. They also supported for the ever-unpredictable Cabbage, at The Blind Tiger in Bolton, placing themselves in the circle of northern lad bands, which recently saw Blossoms’ debut album hit number one. Tickets for Manchester dates for these bands are gold dust, and with members of the Attic Doctors studying in Manchester, the buddying with this network could prove essential. When you think of Manchester, it is likely that you will think of its musical heritage and its music scene. When you think of Bolton, it is likely that you will think of pasties or barms (point proven) or garlic bread (and again). There is a vast amount of talent linked to the place, particularly in the alternative and heavy metal circuits. The Blind Tiger and The Alma Inn cater for its domains, and have helped many other artists hone their crafts on their stages. There’s a good Spotify playlist that fellow local, Jordan Allen, made on artists in the town. The out of city talent that goes unnoticed is criminal to say the least. 

‘We all chip in to crafting our sound in individual respects, but have a shared appreciation of the likes of Chic, Hendrix-era blues rock and the New Wave/Punk of the 70’s and 80’s’

 The debut single, Milkshake, introduces a funky bassline with a scattering of high-pitched guitar combined with infectious, stick-in-your-head lyrics, moulding this into an indie-pop classic that wouldn’t sound out of place on Radio X.

With their sound well distinguished, this year’s general election has taken its toll on the lyrical content, with Cool Revolution. Where politically motivated bands such Sisteray create a sense of rebellion against the system, The Attic Doctors provide shelter and give us chance to breathe. Of this, they say…

‘We tap into various matters about growing up amidst the grey and automated modern Britain, with the intention of flattering your ears, yet offering perspective.’

With the market of anti-tory Corbynites screaming their heart out of their mouth, it is important to have the opposite. Not everyone feels like pitching Teresa May’s head on a stick 24/7, which the Attic Doctors recognise and provide alternative for.

The Attic Doctors’ progress has pushed higher than the status quo since forming in 2015…

‘Our biggest moment was when we packed out Manchester Academy 3. The crowd were another level that night. Daft.’

With the momentum behind them, and politics still looking pretty grim going into 2018, it seems this year may be the one for them, with ambitious plans in place…

‘We’re sitting on a load of unreleased material that we’re gonna bombard 2018 with. We also have exciting plans for a live video coming out shortly, as well as another trip to White Bear Studios for a new single.’

In one way or another, shit is guaranteed to hit the fan this year. Stick with The Attic Doctors and you shall be granted safety on the other side.


Coming soon.



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