Alan McGee
Co Founder Creation Records
"A power girl. You are a Tony Wilson or Alan McGee, just a younger version of that’"
Mikey Jonns
"A vital and early springboard for new music"
"Northern Exposure not only work tirelessly to promote new music, they also dedicate their efforts and passion for live music to aid charitable causes. They're the most encouraging and supportive bunch with an ear for the music of the future"
"Northern Exposure equals hard working, self sacrificing, music obsessing, scene championing warriors. From putting gigs on to reviewing, photographing, interviewing, Rachel’s love and belief in the UK scene has driven her to create NE, a platform where writers can shout about music and be heard. In it for the right reasons. NE are some of the good ones"
"Northern Exposure is really rather close to my heart. Female led, fearless, with a strong work ethic and genuine love for music. In a world where people wanna spread negativity, Rachel spreads only positivity and genuine exuberance for what she believes in, which is giving new music a chance. I think that is an amazing thing. BIG UP THE NORTH!"
"Northern Exposure is driven by hard work and genuine music fans and at the heart of it all is Rachel Brown who works tirelessly to give bands she loves as much support and exposure as possible. They even played a pivotal part in us supporting QOTSA on the mainstage at InMusic Festival infront of thousands of people. Not many webzines can say that"
"We have nothing but utmost appreciation for the opportunities presented to us through Rachel and Northern Exposure. Our current position has been unquestionably aided by their support through live shows, PR and overseas opportunities. It’s a company that is based purely on the progression of the artists that they believe in, with a refreshing disregard for the complicated ins and outs that are often attached. This is rare, welcome and also necessary within the music industry today, and we are very glad to be associated with them."
"Rachel at Northern Exposure has been banging the drum about my band Hands Off Gretel since she first found us earlier this year! She works tirelessly to promote up and coming bands, giving them great exposure and has definitely helped to open up new opportunities for us this year. Her enthusiasm for music shines through everything she does. She is a brilliant advocate for young bands out there that need this sort of support to break through and be seen and heard. "
"Northern Exposure's commitment to bringing new music to people's ears is a testament to Rachel's unrelenting hard work and passion for the music scene. NE cares for the artist and they do everything they can to help expose fresh, upcoming talent."