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Wowing audiences up and down the country with their blistering live sets which star two front men, Toby Mitchell and Dan Able, The Velvet Hands also consists of Sam Hilder on bass and Louis Willbourne on drums. I caught their set at Isle Of Wight on the This Feeling, Pirate Studio stage and they delivered a set as tight as their jeans. Embroiled in passion, The Velvet Hands are a strong unit and quite possibly one of the future breakthrough bands of rock ‘n’ roll, set to rise from the underground. I caught up with them for our new festival feature ‘Tell Us Ten’… 

Where are you right now?

We’re currently in Cornwall enjoying the 15 minuets of British summer-time. Trying to get those sunburns in while we can.

It’s festival season! You played the Isle Of Wight a few weeks ago, what were your highlights of the festival? 

Avalanche party’s set was fucking fantastic! Obviously playing the stage was amazing, nice to see so many new faces out there. Has a decent toastie, too.


Is it coming home?

Without a shade of a doubt, it’s coming home.

Funniest festival story of the year so far?

At the Isle of Wight our drummer, Louis, managed to navigate his way through the labyrinth of guide ropes on the tents at about 4am, only to trip over the only one that had none and fly head-first into the unsuspecting sleeper inside. Much to their surprise.

If you had a Main Stage slot at a festival and had to cover one song what would it be and why?

American Pie in full, get someone from each decade of music to do a verse, then the big arena ensemble cast final chorus, fireworks and all. Scenes. Sort of.

Who impressed you the most at Isle of Wight?

Gotta be Avalanche Party, Red Rum Club were really great too.

Your own festival, who headlines FRI/SAT/SUN?

Man Feelings, Mommas Kumquat, Danny Dyer’s Chocolate Homunculus.

Name one of your songs that would blow new fans minds…

Party’s Over, the album title track has a lot going on. It was one of the most fun to record and a lot of effort went in which I think you can hear. Or listen to the whole album and choose yer own!

Peter Crouch was spotted a lot over the Isle of Wight festival. If you could ask him one question what would it be?

What his top tips for remaining inconspicuous are. Someone so famous and famously tall he must have some genius ways of blending in.

Finally, whats next for The Velvet Hands?

Got a few more festivals, Truck and Boardmaster’s. Playing Jimmy’s, Manchester for you guys on the 12th of July then we’ve a headline show at Nambucca on the 14th July which should be a laugh. Some top secret goings on in terms of recordings, working on finishing up demos for album two.


BEVVY: Stale lager.

WORSE THING ABOUT FESTIVALS: Power tripping security.


GUILTY FESTIVAL PLEASURE: Spice Girls have got some tunes.

THREADS: Trousers that unzip at the knee to turn into shorts.

Catch the band in Manchester this Thursday at Jimmy’s for Northern Exposures ‘Bring It On Down’ with Hands Off Gretel, Faux Pas and Queasy. 






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