This year myself and Gabbie are reporting from the 4th annual Apollo Festival that will take place on Saturday 25th June 2016 in the grounds of York Sport’s Club, Clifton Park, on Shipton Road.The festival is specifically designed for families wanting a fun packed day with great bands and music! The festival is fantastic value for money, you can buy tickets from the Apollo site I caught up festival organiser Stuart Kelly for a chat about what we’ve all got to look forward to!

What’s the ethos behind The Apollo festival Stuart?

The feel we go for is a relaxed fun friendly vibe showcasing top unsigned and signed acts yet offering real value for your money.

What are the pros of holding a festival in York?

We are easy to get to especially with the Apollo only 15 mins walk from the train station. York is a beautiful historic city and full of history we add something different yet it all works which is cool.

How do you choose the line up?

I am always listening to music and talking to people and get told who is & isn’t touring so once we look at who is touring we look at who fits in to what we are all about, who will appeal to all ages who is top act and who fits the budget will they sell tickets where have they played before what venues are they playing? And are they selling them out?? Once we have looked at all this we approach the agent and begin negotiations. Its not a quick thing we have to think what the public want it’s really important we get it right….!! This year we have it right 100% Cast / Dodgy / Dave McCabe / Chris Helme are all top quality artists its going to be a belting day.
What’s your personal highlight over the years that the festival has been running?

The doors it opens the chances I have been given and the people I meet with running Apollo is amazing! However on the day its so busy I don’t get chance to sit down and watch the bands and have a beer but after the event its always good bumping in to people and listening to their positive feedback and seeing all my close friends and family & there kids with smiles on their faces is priceless. Hard to pin point one really been so many.

How important is being family friendly to the Apollo Festivals make up?

It’s THE most important thing to us it’s our DNA we want all ages to come feel safe and enjoy what we do we offer so much for children of all ages and the mums and dads. We want to be seen as a place families can go and parents let their children run around and feel confident that they are safe and having fun. With the feedback from our crowd we feel we have got this in place.

What sorts of things can the kids look forward to? What is there to do?

We have a dedicated Kids Zone which has: FULL funfair, zorb balling, archery, dance, theatre, music workshops, face painting, Hair braiding, sweet stalls, hook a duck, fun photo booths, ice cream stalls candy floss stall, and live music!!

Who is playing this year and who are you looking forward to seeing the most?

We have over 40 acts over 4 stage but the main stage will be: Cast, Dodgy, Dave McCabe & the Ramifications, Chris Helme, Supermodels, 5:15s, Jackobins, Kymberley Kennerdy. Please check out for full stage listings.

Who would be your dream act on the Apollo main stage?

Wow, hard questions……If they were all still alive The Beatles or Queen both put on amazing gigs! Still alive would be Fleetwood Mac or current acts like Jake Bugg or Paul Heaton & Jacki Abbott Shed 7 Kaiser Chiefs, Arctic Monkeys. So many really a really good but hard question that!!

What’s the future hold for The Apollo Festival?

Pretty much stay on this road it works for us and slowly build the acts and get them bigger and bigger, & Look at taking it to a weekend festival if we have the support to do so.

Three words to describe Apollo Festival?

Something for everyone!



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