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Girls in bands are breaking down barriers in the male dominated music industry and are taking over our playlists. The floodgates are well and truly open for much needed presence of strong and impassioned female voices in music. In this series I’ll be shining a light on some of the newer bands that are emerging out of our towns and cities that are either fronted by women or that have female members and giving you my lowdown.

Whilst I heavily support any woman in music, I’d just like to say that I always judge a band on their potential, performance and music – not their gender, so you can rest assured if your featured in this series its because I think that musically you are a female band that has potential and got shit going on – it’s not just because you have a vagina and you fit nicely as a token ‘girl band’ on my website.

So lets get this started! We kick things off by taking you over to my home city of Sheffield and I draw your attention to a young band that are all set to go on their first ever tour across the country with new music pioneers This Feeling – The Seamonsters.



The Seamonsters are an up-and-coming band from Sheffield and are made up of Naomi Mann, Holly Thompson, Tassie Drobinski, Lauren Smith, Ella Taylor and Ciara Hurding. They initially set out performing covers at small low key gigs before their delving into writing their own material and playing a lot more high profile shows in and around Sheffield.


Their sound is one full of happiness, almost deciphering a summer rush coupled with optimistic lyrics. Proving themselves to be a hit on and off the stage, the band describe themselves as an ‘indie glitter’ due to their love of shiny things and their glittery, shimmery music. The Seamonsters have played their jangly indie pop at many festivals this year, including Truck, Y-Not and Tramlines and received great reviews. They’ve also recently played alongside VANT, Anteros, Kate Nash, Bill Ryder-Jones and The Undertones. The band have a youthful, sprightly and happy sound with a full-on power pop catchiness that oozes masses of potential. The overall concept is cheeky in the right way and at times almost coy with the joy of playing present on every track. 


The band collectively come cross as very innocent for their 18-19 years which is very refreshing in this day and age. Going on their videos (as it’s been over a year since I last saw them live) my only criticism would be that they work a little more on their confidence and presence as individuals to help get their personalities across on film. I’ve got to be honest, I’m usually a lover of bands much heavier than The Seamonsters. However, after their last release ‘Max and Archie’ they have won me over and I really enjoy these light, carefree sounds that they are putting out. Whilst I am alway fully behind a DIY approach, I feel The Seamonsters could really benefit from some direction which would almost certainly help them make a big impact and impression on the music scene. Definitely one for you A&R peeps looking for artists to develop! 

I look forward to catching them on this tour and will be keeping an eye on where the next year or so will take them. 

You can check out the band on the links below. Tickets for the This Feeling tour are on-sale now at










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