Just two weeks until our Jimmy’s gig in Manchester and the bands are getting ready for an incredible gig – the line up is fantastic and all bands are buzzing to be playing. Last week, Rachel opened your eyes to the stunning line-up we have in store for you. I caught up with each of the bands to let them do the talking and will be sharing their interviews with you all this week. Next up we’d like ask Stray Scene to step up to the mic!


Introduce yourselves!
For people who dont know us we are a three-piece indie/rock band from Scarbados [Scarborough for the uninitiated]. Our sound has been described as ‘when indie meets punk’ and we would say our style is changing all the time – it depends what mood you are in when writing your tunes.

Who would you say most influences your music?
Jesus and Danny Wilde [singer – one of Scarborough’s 16 main attractions] most definitely.

For anyone thinking of coming to the gig on Sunday 29th April at Jimmy’s, what can they expect from you?
For everyone coming to Jimmy’s on Sunday, if we are drunk we will be shit, so we’ll not be too drunk and it’ll be a belter!

Have you played at the Jimmy’s venue before? What do you like about the venue?
We had our debut gig at Jimmy’s. We’ve played Manchester Academy and headlined Night n Day before. Manchester is the epi-centre to any musician so definitely looking forward to Jimmy’s. It always goes off there.

What do you know and are looking forward to about the other bands playing?
We’ve done gigs with The Kavaliers before – top lads and a great live act. Not played with Cleargreen or Attic Doctors before but I’m pretty sure will have a good knees up with them on the night!

Can fans expect anything new from you this time?
New tune called ‘An Eye for an Eye’ we will be playing. It will be first time we’ve played this one. An exclusive for the mancs!

Which of your tracks are you most looking forward to sharing with fans?
The new track is probably the one we’re excited to share – it might go very wrong as it’s very new but we will see on the night!

What’s next for you guys?
We have a headline show at Manchester Night and Day on June 1st so will be giving that a plug along with cds and signed photos at five quid a pop. We’re at Tramlines for Northern Exposure in July as well so it’s all good!





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