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Just two weeks until our Jimmy’s gig in Manchester and the bands are getting ready for an incredible gig – the line up is fantastic and all bands are buzzing to be playing. Last week, Rachel opened your eyes to the stunning line-up we have in store for you. I caught up with each of the bands to let them do the talking and will be sharing their interviews with you all this week. We spoke with our headlining band, Cleargreen…

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Who are Cleargreen?
Your next favourite band! The line up is Ali (rhythm lead vocalist) me, Liam (bass, backing vocals), Ty (drums) and Josh (lead guitar).We play top notch melodies and wait till you see us live with our new guitarist Josh.

How would you describe your music?
Our tunes have always been catchy but our style has definitely changed – the band have developed a lot more since the original line up. We used to be compared to Oasis a couple of years ago, which definitely isn’t a bad thing is it? But people want something fresh and different and the band have grown out of that phase. Believe me when I say this: it’s time to start taking us more seriously. We’re starting to get the tunes that get bands massive. If you ain’t heard us before just give us a YouTube/Spotify search. Get on board with us and watch us fly.

Who are your main influences?

Comments from our latest release: ‘(To Be Understood) In My Paradise’ read, ‘This was a mixture of the Las and Stone Roses’, again two bands we love so we’re doing something right! As a band though we’re scattered all across the music genre. Josh loves The Seahorses, Ty The Roses, Ali is mad for Bob Dylan (probs explains why his lyrics are mint) and me (Liam)? My favourite band for a couple years now is an Australian band called Sticky Fingers who are fucking class.

Anyone thinking of coming to the gig what can they expect?

Well, if you have seen us before (without Josh) expect there to be a lot more mid-set jams to showcase what our new guitarist is about. Anyone one who hasn’t seen us before be ready to be pleasantly surprised. In fact anyone who genuinely doesn’t enjoy it I’ll refund them myself.

Have you played Jimmys before?

Oh yes, loads of times, it don’t take many to fill it so can get very messy great sound for a small venue too. We last played there with Dantevilles at the back end of their tour and you couldn’t move.

What are you looking forward to about the other bands on the 29th?

Can’t wait to watch the Kavaliers and Stray Scene as we’ve heard a lot about them, as for The Attic Doctors they actually played just before us last week when we did our single launch for Paradise, they’re class. Frontman has balls of steel. Mad for the 29th!

Can fans expect anything new?

We’ve added TWO new songs to our current set. ‘Gone’ (will probs be our next single between me and you) and ‘People’ – well that has a chorus of a lifetime. Come see for yourself. Go ask if you don’t believe us . Garlic and chips.

What you looking forward to playing ?

Well all of them to be honest but since we’re still in the ‘Paradise’ groove, we’re looking forward to showcasing our second single release, and at least they can go home and re listen to it. My all time favourite song is ‘People’ though so personally I can’t wait to play that.

What are you currently promoting?

Well, since our management changed we’ve dropped a hell of a lot of music vids and now upload more content online. So just go and dig it out. We’ve just received the draft for the Hollins Groove music vid and that is something special. Our friends over at Hot Frog Animation have absolutely smashed it. So keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime check out our new release ‘Paradise’ on Itunes / Spotify/ YouTube. You’ll love it. Add us to your playlists and watch us grow!





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