Just two weeks until our Jimmy’s gig in Manchester and the bands are getting ready for an incredible gig – the line up is fantastic and all bands are buzzing to be playing. Last week, Rachel opened your eyes to the stunning line-up we have in store for you. I caught up with each of the bands to let them do the talking and will be sharing their interviews with you all this week. Next up we’d like ask The Attic Doctors to shine a light in to their darker corners!

attic doctors

For people who are not yet familiar with your sound and lyrics, how would you describe your music currently? Has it changed much since you started playing?
This is our nightmare question. We think it’s a fusion of dance music and alternative rock. It’s a sound that we’ve developed over the past three years. We’ll write about anything; such as employment, technology, existence and love. Our intention is to entertain, yet offer perspective.

Who would you say most influences your music?
Nile Rodgers, The Clash, Talking Heads.

For anyone thinking of coming to the gig on Sunday 29th April at Jimmy’s, what can they expect from you?
They can expect us to be terrible. That way they’ll either be right, or pleasantly surprised, but we will never be let down.

Have you played at the Jimmy’s venue before? What do you like about the venue?
We first played at Jimmy’s not so long ago, and immediately you can tell why it’s one of the most sought after small venues in Manchester and beyond. Despite it being less than two years old, it has a feel of authenticity which should see it thrive foreseeably, as both a bar and venue.

What do you know and are looking forward to about the other bands playing?
We played with Cleargreen last month and are looking forward to sharing the bill with them again. Having heard great things about The Kavaliers and Strayscene, it should promise to be a top line-up.

Can fans expect anything new from you this time?
We’re constantly experimenting. Whether it’s new songs or minor tweaks, we like to keep things fresh for the audience and ourselves alike, so there’s every chance there will be. There’s no definite answer up until we’re on stage.

Which of your tracks are you most looking forward to sharing with fans?
Very recently written, ‘Feed the Pig’ is one of our most ambitious songs yet. Not only do we delve into new musical territory, but it touches on matters that we feel are highly relevant in today’s modern age. We’ll say no more for now, but do urge anyone who listens to make their own interpretation.

What are you currently promoting and what should fans, new and old, be looking out for from you now and in the near future?
We’re working very closely with a number of our contacts and good friends for our next release. More on this very soon.

JIMMY’S 29TH APRIL EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/1374416285998477/

TICKETS: https://www.seetickets.com/event/northern-exposure-presents-at-jimmys/jimmy-s-manchester/1194187



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