‘’Music washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life’’

Berthold Auerbach


Overview of the band:

Sly antics are a Rock/Indie style band made up of two cousins Lee and Sam and their friend Tommo.

The 3 of them grew up in Hebden Bridge and decided to move to good ol’ Manchester at the start of 2016.

All of them have been in bands before but spontaneously got together after getting drunk one night and hey ho, it’s worked out just right, because they’re absolutely ace!

The three of them have been gigging since October 2015, although very new to the gigging scene, they rocked a crowd of over 1000 people at the Manchester O2 Ritz early June this year

You can find more information about them on their website:


The 5 track EP ”Captive City” was recorded at Greenmount Studios in Leeds last year and the EP is soon to be launched on 3/9/16, all music lovers should be very excited for this EP to be released because after listening to this, I am happy to say they are definitely a band to get listening to yourselves. A true rock n rollin, indie feel.

So what are the tracks on the EP? We have:

The intro

Captive City

Morning Games

Lights go down

Break it buy it

My personal favourite of this EP is Lights Go Down, it’s a mellow vibe with an awesome feel to it, the guitar playing is absolutely awesome and all of it fits together in a beautiful way. The album is approximately 20 minutes long and a rockin’ 20 minutes at that.

Get listening, these guys are blowing the roof off right now, I’ve been listening to these tracks all morning and they are a brilliant, upcoming band with a huge future ahead of them.

Well done lads, we are all mega excited for this launch – hurry up September!

The link to their EP is here:

Get back to us with your favourite track!


By Saffron Amber

Originally from Birmingham but now im living in Nottinghamshire!

Oasis lover, cat lover, in a long term relationship with food.

Aspiring to find amazing bands in the UK!


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