Kent punk rockers Slaves are the latest guests on Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV. The online music TV show is now available to view on This Feeling’s YouTube channel. Here’s a link to view the interview: In addition, for updates on futures episodes, live shows and guest appearances, please visit Red Stripe’s Twitter page @redstripeuk.


For the first time Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV took the show on the road and hit the coast to interview Kent punk rockers Slaves on Brighton’s famous pier. 

Fresh from the launch of their new album Acts of Love And Fear the band discuss their biggest loves and fears and a step-by-step guide to workout dance routine from new single Cut And Run, to being blacklisted by Phil Collins’ on the latest episode.

Vocalist and drummer Isaac Holman and co-vocalist and guitarist Laurie Vincent took time out from their busy schedule to discuss the interesting naming of the new album, as well as what scares them. Laurie said: 

“Death. I don’t like snakes, I think getting dropped into a snake pit would be f****** horrible. Snakes, really, yeah. I’m not good with creepy crawlies; insects, spiders, snakes any of that.”

Isaac added: 

”I’m not scared of anything.” 

In response, Laurie devised a brand new game show for the band to star in, he said: 

“I’m lying. Get me in the jungle. I’m a celebrity, I’m not gonna get out of there.”

If Slaves returning with their third album and announcing a string of tour dates, including a headline show at London’s Alexandra Palace, wasn’t enough for fans, the pair’s carefully planned out, yet comedic, choreographed dance routine for their latest video Cut And Run may add some more excitement for their fans to enjoy.

For anyone wishing to recreate the band’s new workout video-inspired dances moves at a local music venue, Laurie and Isaac offer a step-by-step guide for viewers of Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV. Laurie explains: 

Move one, You’re looking un well. The double-point. Move two is the put your feet up. You can’t see my feet can you, but you sort of like, step to the side, and your sort of go like that [Laurie shows dance]. Right then it’s the scissor step. You start with your left hand, and you do your right foot and its like 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4, [continue to dance]. And then you’ve got the scissor run. It’s like alternate knees to arms, very important [continue to dance].”

A new indie dance move aside, the band also reveals their desire to work with Genesis drummer and singer Phil Collins. Yet, unfortunately, the constant pestering in order to win him round didn’t work out on this occasion. Laurie said: 

“Yeah, Phil Collins, errr and then Phil again, and then his management were like ‘leave him alone’.”

Isaac added: 

“Yeah, there were a few [drummer the band approached to appear in the video], but we aimed high and, you know, got shot down.” 

Putting the heartache of missing out on Phil Collins behind them, the band were thankful for landing another ‘hero’, according to Laurie, following convincing Blur drummer Dave Rowntree to star, as himself. Laurie continued:

Blur are one of my personal favourite bands of all time. I remember going to see them in Hyde Park, when they first performed and I’ve just never seen a crowd like it. Just how intense it was. Graham Coxon is my guitar hero, so it was like proper head nod to them. And then getting them in the video was like an extra [making a happy hand gesture].”

Moving away from Cut And Run and onto Chokehold, another singer from the new album Acts of Fear and Love, the band were asked whether or not it was inspired by being dumped by partners in the past. Isaac said: 

“Probably when I was a lot younger, and it was a lot harder to deal with, when I was a teenager, and its literally like the worst thing in the world. Getting parred off by a girl. I didn’t feel great.”

Laurie said: 

“I got dumped a lot. Until I was, you know, the hunk I am now. Nah, I’m joking, but I don’t wanna give them too much credit to think that they broke my heart. So, I’m fine.”

The new episode – which is available to view HERE – is the latest instalment of Red Stripe presents: This Feeling TV – a new music TV show for the digital age that still maintains all the unique charm and quirkiness that typified music TV shows back in their heyday. The show has accumulated over 1 million views, paved a platform for new, emerging talent and helped the grassroots music scene to growth, on and off the stage.

To find out more about the activity or to apply for tickets to attend one of the shows, visit the Red Stripe Twitter or Facebook page.



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