I caught up with Luke from Nocturnal Coast to see how he was coping with the lockdown and what the band are currently up to.


First and foremost, how are you and your family handling lockdown?

We’re doing okay thanks, all just getting on with it. Bit of a weird time like isn’t it. What about you?

Can you introduce your band and what style of music would you describe yourself as?

I’m Luke Saleh Saunders, I write the songs, play guitar, sing, and play the keys. David Gavan plays lead guitar, Joe Murdoch on bass guitar, and Alexander Cain on the drum kit. We’ve started to develop a bit of a synth indie vibe, but for now I’ll say 70’s rock n roll, to sound arrogant.

What influences do you draw upon?

We all love The Beatles, so I guess anything with vintage melody, and good structure to songs. Blur, The Vaccines, The Strokes, Gorillaz, The Doors, etc.

The Covid19 pandemic has hit us all hard, especially the music industry for obvious reasons. With live music sadly now non-existent for the foreseeable future, how do you plan to tackle promoting your music and band under the current circumstances?

Just keep writing tunes, getting them onto live takes, demo them, get them out. I’ve always been a believer that no amazing advertisement or promotion will save the music. Only the music will.

Are you off work and if so, are you spending much time writing?

Yeah off work now. Writing everyday really, lyrics, poems, and music, the lads must be getting sick of me.

Before lockdown what were you up to as a band? Any new releases we should be checking or looking out for?

We had just stopped to breathe, have a good writing period, so I guess we had no gig plans or anything which was a good thing in the end. Although we really wanna go on tour, or even get a band practise in now.

What tune of yours should readers listen to right now, that sums you up the best?

Probably ‘Strange To Translation’. The lead single to our debut EP ‘The Waters Edge’. Lyrically its sarcastic but serious from an analytical viewpoint, on the strain relationships can have. Musically, driving guitars and bass with slick beats.

To finish, any advice for our readers on how to keep sane in these unprecedented times?

Read! Reading is probably the best thing for me. I love reading fictional stories and poetry, although I’m currently reading a non-fiction called ‘The Anxiety Solution’, which is a great read.

Try writing a poem as well!


IMAGINE you could play any venue right now, which would it be?

Hyde Park probably. Or I’d turn the coast by ours into one and do that.

IMAGINE you could be the frontman, drummer, guitarist or bassist of ANY band, who would you be?

I’d front Blur probably. But what’s Blur without Damon Albarn?

IMAGINE you are locked down with your musical hero, who is it?

Ian Curtis. If he was still around. I’d just talk to him about lyrics 24/7.


BEST LOCKDOWN SNACK: Vegan chocolate – King Monty
TOP LOCKDOWN TRACK: Death Of A Disco Dancer – The Smiths
TOP LOCKDOWN ALBUM: The New Abnormal – The Strokes


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