I caught up with Sheffield indie band Henderson for a quick chat to see what they were up to during the lockdown. The band consist of Josh Rhodes – Vocals & Guitar, Joe Wright – Lead Guitar, Matt Bond – Bass and Keirran Bond on Drums.

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First and foremost, how are you and your family handling lockdown?

Thankfully, all us lads and our families are doing great. So far so good & thank you for asking! 

Can you introduce your band and what style of music would you describe yourself as? 

Hi, we’re Henderson from Sheffield. On lead vocals and rhythm we have Josh Rhodes, lead guitar we have Joe Wright, on bass with Matt Bond & on drums we have Kierran Bond, the classic Bond fam combination. We would describe our sound as it is at the moment all over the place haha. We write a song and some sort of dynamic to the band changes but for the most part we’d say alternative indie pop, maybe… Might change by next week.

What influences do you draw upon? 

We all have different specific interests within the band, a wide variety ranging from 80’s electronic dance music like OMD, Human League, New Order, bands like that to Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Richard Hawley, Foals, Joe Dart.. the list goes on. We’ve actually been getting into sampling tracks and experimenting with weird lo-fi beats, lockdown will do that to you.

The Covid19 pandemic has hit us all hard, especially the music industry for obvious reasons. With live music sadly now non-existent for the foreseeable future, how do you plan to tackle promoting your music and band under the current circumstances? 

Yeah, it’s pretty hard at the minute with not being able to gig or go to the studio or anything fun related to music. So, we’ve decided upon ourselves to buy recording interfaces to record our respected instruments separately and try to mock up some demo’s so we’re primed and ready to get back in the studio when all this blows over. As for gigs, we’ve been going for a few live streams doing ‘Sucker Quarantine Fest’ over on the Sucker Promotions page but again, it’s only Josh that could do it because none of us lives together, so it’s difficult man.

Are you off work and if so, are you spending much time writing? 

Matt and Kierran both work for the NHS so they’ve still had to go in and do their essential work, joe’s ‘working’ from home so he’s got some groovy stuff up his sleeve. I’ve (Josh) been furloughed until further notice so I’ve been popping tunes out left, right and centre so by the time we get back to practice we’ll be spoilt for choice! 

Before lockdown what were you up to as a band? Any new releases we should be checking or looking out for?

We had just released our brand new single ‘Field Of Mist (Field Of Bliss) in January which is about as far as we got before this virus came about so as of yet no finished projects have been announced or will be until we’re ready to get back to it! But, we’ve been thinking about releasing some demo’s/acoustic versions on to Soundcloud and letting the people decide what they want us to release… We’ll have to see.

What tune of yours should readers listen to right now, that sums you up the best? 

With all this lovely weather we’re having that we can’t go to the beer garden in *sigh* we recommend you listen to our last single that we released towards the back end of last year called ‘Brightness Collides’. Ultimate summer banger to get ya chops ’round.

 To finish, any advice for our readers on how to keep sane in these unprecedented times?

Stay home, stay safe. Listen, learn & be inspired! This is the perfect time to pick up where you left off on that dusty instrument in the corner of the room. You’ll be surprised what you can achieve when you’ve got nothing else better to do! LISTEN TO YOUR LOCAL BANDS THEY’LL APPRECIATE IT.  


IMAGINE you could play any venue right now, which would it be? 

We’ve always seen ourselves playing O2 in Sheff to a sold-out home town crowd. That would be sick.

IMAGINE you could be the frontman, drummer, guitarist or bassist of ANY band, who would you be? 

I’d be (Josh) Eric Burdon the frontman for The Animals. What a guy. Joe would be Bob Marley when he was with The Wailers, Matt would be the bassist from psychedelic porn crumpets & Kierran’s a fangirl for Ringo Starr! 

IMAGINE you are locked down with your musical hero, who is it? 

If I was going to pick (Josh) I’d be locked down with Yannis Philippakis, lead singer of Foals, I would love to pick his brain. Matt would love to be stuck with Joe Dart, he loves that man. Joe would love to be trapped with John Frusciante from RHCP. Kierran would go Ringo Starr again (it’s sort of an obsession) 


BEST LOCKDOWN SNACK: Cheese & Ham toastie 


TOP LOCKDOWN TRACK: Loyle Carner – Ottolenghi

TOP LOCKDOWN ALBUM: The Age Of The Understatement – The Last Shadow Puppets


BEST THING ON THE TELLY: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. The best programme on Netflix. Period. 


@Hendersonband1 for all social media platforms.


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