Jibbers are a reminder what a raw rock ‘n roll sound should emulate, especially for this new generation. In a world filled with pop singers, The X Factor and The Voice,  Jibbers offers you something none of the others do, a fresh perspective on a classic feel. Their debut single ‘Free’ is a well-crafted song that is very anthemic in nature, 3:42 minutes of catchy hook-driven rock ‘n roll.  Singer Andrew Mark Paul, cleaves his way through the bullshit, oozing confidence whilst brandishing a hard-edged melody, creating some insanely addictive vibes. 

If you’re one of those people who is always looking for something new On the indie rock scene, you need to check this band out. And whilst the majority of us are off work you literally have no excuse. Listen to ‘Free’ on Spotify now…






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