Deriving from Nottingham, The Ruffs describe themselves as a band whose music is ‘about everyday life with the occasional slow heart felt ballad’. As though it has been taken from a cook book on creating the next Oasis or Arctic Monkeys, The Ruffs do exactly what it says on the tin.

Made up of Connor Spray (Lead singer/Guitarist), Tyler Spray (Drummer), Sam Walker (Guitarist/Backing Vocals) and Blaine Monk (Bass Guitarist), The Ruffs have followed the correct formula in creating a talented Northern band who have gone from playing their first gig in 2015 to headlining several gigs across their home city. With their latest endeavour leading them to supporting bands such as The Shimmer Band, BlackWaters and Bang Bang Romeo, The Ruffs are set to be one of the biggest up and coming bands from Nottingham.

Their latest track ‘Alligator’ from the debut EP brings back the jingly indie pop of the early 2000’s that was successfully projected by Arctic Monkeys, a band who have clearly inspired The Ruffs. In early Monkeys style, ‘Alligator’ includes energetic guitar playing and rowdy, catchy vocals. Connor Spray embodies vocals which appear to be the love child of Liam Gallagher and Tom Meighan to complement the brit-pop inspired melody.

‘Alligator’ compromises of everything that any brit-pop/noughties indie fan would want and more, bringing the effortless style and quality sound into the modern era. The Ruffs are heading to be as triumphant as their predecessors, shining as one band who are contributing to revive the brit-pop scene.

Catch their latest gigs on the band’s Facebook, SoundCloud and Twitter, and at the Glee Club Nottingham as part of This Feeling’s Alive tour.




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