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Originally from Bristol and now settled in London, self-proclaimed ‘drunken guitar pop’ legends The Garage Flowers have released their new single ‘Hello Tango’. Titled in memory of an old friend’s attempts at picking up girls, the track oozes bad boy antics and sketchy shenanigans.

You can usually find Joe Capaldi (vocals), Jonny Webber (guitar), Greg Edwards (drums) and Michael Serapinas (bass) smoking bugs on the window ledges of high rise buildings according to their Facebook story. Times have been a little more transient for Joe and Jonny, however, and the song centres on what they got up to whilst living out of a car for a while.

The intro begins with a simple kick drum leading into a groove beat. Next a mighty guitar riff coupled with a few well-placed off twangs delivers well shaped verse and chorus elements. Joe’s edgy lyrics are strongly constructed, zoning in on the sex, drugs and girls lifestyle of a struggling musician.

Some would argue the single is slightly on the short side at 2 minutes 54 seconds. However,  one could also find that it’s just enough time to get a fill of its rich and uncompromising rebellion. Together the lads perform solidly together and “Hello Tango” is clearly well produced and recorded.

Alongside the single release, which can be found on either Soundcloud or YouTube, The Garage Flowers produced an accompanying video. Dan Lucas from BBC Introducing has helped to create a performance-focused video that highlights the band’s music rather than their antics. Kept company throughout by a sexy, gyrating blonde dancer, The Garage Flowers remain nonchalant and moody. The song hints at dark undertones by flashing words like PRIZE and CONQUEST during the video.

 If what you’re looking for is grooves, riffs and most of the band having massive hair, it’s worth a listen or watch of this pretty engaging and sexy tune.




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