For your Thursday night reading pleasure, we’re coming at you with a quick-fire review, ladies and gentlemen.

This week’s spotlight shines brightly upon The Assist, who lovingly describe themselves as a ‘4 piece council pop/rock band from Walsall’. For those of you who aren’t in the scene, let me elaborate for you; Walsall is an industrial town in the West Midlands, twinned with the French town of Le Blanc-Mesnil.

Speaking as someone who isn’t a member of The Assist, I’d say that they’re more of the indie-dance rocker type. They mash together a traditionally jive-worthy beat and a ridiculously rapid guitar tremolo, for a combination that borders on the infections. But this is merely the first recipe which creates The Assist’s bowl of par-tay punch; the chorus and bridge opens up the throttle, changing the pace and burrowing deeply into grunge-like territory, all while reinforced by abrupt, spitting lyrics.

The chorus concludes with a very affirming choir of ‘give it to me’. I can only assume that the lads are asking for the sweet release of an alcoholic beverage, expressing their near-ecstasy as a cold one lingers just outside of their grasp. However, the lads know moderation, so have no fear:

“There’s a fine line between enjoying yourself and being over-committed to the sesh. We aren’t one to just talk a good game; we like to think we take action upon our words. This one is for those who don’t look down upon the fun element of music”

The lads are performing a fine balancing act indeed, with focused lyrics contrasting an upbeat and changing tempo. This certainly seems to be the intention of the band, as frontman Mikey Stanton states that “the song explains an internal argument within my own brain as a result of the difficulties that come with balancing the good times and trying to make a difference. It’s all fun and games until you have built up such a persona for the band that you then have to start living up to the expectation of it all…”

After their belting our their singles ‘Wonderful’ and ‘Trouble’ and gaining serious traction on services such as iTunes and Spotify, their is no denying that the lads know how to create a quality tune, and ‘Give It To Me’ is their most defining single to date. 

‘Give It To Me’ is released by This Feeling Records, in the very, very near future. Tomorrow, to be exact. Get on the track on the 6th of October. 

Catch the blistering live intensity of The Assist on the following dates, and have a gander at their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Get your This Feeling tickets from SeeTickets

14th October – Lending Room, LEEDS 
27th October – Broadcast, GLASGOW

4th November – Water Rats, LONDON
18th November – Jimmy’s, MANCHESTER
29th November – Old Fire Station, BOURNEMOUTH (w/ The Twang)

1st December – The Ritz, MANCHESTER (w/ The Twang)
8th December – Oxford O2 Academy, OXFORD (w/ The Twang)
14th December – Sheffield O2 Academy, SHEFFIELD (w/ The Twang)
15th December – Newcastle O2 Academy, NEWCASTLE (w/ The Twang)


Images courtesy from The Assist’s Facebook and Instagram.



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