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Ahead of a packed tour spanning November and December, Britpop forerunners Shed Seven have set their sights on a resurrection of the early nineties through the medium of nostalgic, guitar-laden, riff-filled music.

Upon my initial listen to the latest single, ‘Room In My House’, they appeared to do just that. While I may not have been a parka wearing, bucket-hatted toddler, even I can appreciate the instantly conveyed throwback to a simpler time, when life was easier, and Freddos were still less than 40 pence.

There’s always been something intangible about Britpop, for me at least; while many critics (often rightly) accuse the poorly-defined sub-genre of being filled with excess and a lack of skill, it’s always enticed me, beckoning myself towards it like a recovering alcoholic towards the last can of Stella in the fridge. In this sense, consider the likes of Oasis, Blur and Suede to be my regulars. In this sense, Shed Seven, to me, have always been an experimental craft IPA, brewed in someone’s basement and served with liquid nitrogen. 



Despite this, (and my love of nonsensical metaphors), ‘Room In My House’ feels instantly familiar. From the off, Rick’s broad voice entices you in alongside an assertive backing array of vocals and never-ending riffs. It doesn’t matter that the lyrics might not always make sense- have you heard any nineties guitar track ever? However, the heroes of ‘Room In My House’ must be considered to be the the guitar and bass of Banks and Gladwin, which serve to reinforce and lift the track to new heights. Thanks to their tasty riffs, I’d expect to find this on a car advert, or Soccer A.M. very soon. 

Considering that the lads haven’t released new material since the diminishing pasts of 2001, the new tune holds up remarkably well. It’s a slice of nostalgia, presented to you as a lovely, welcome surprise. It’s like having beans on toast as a kid, only to discover that there’s little sausages in there as well. The driven track borders on the anthemic, with confidence oozing from every single pour. 

What’s the conclusion then? Brace yourself for the new album, and make yourself present at the tour sharpish, as dates are quickly selling out. Their album Instant Pleasures is coming at you on the 10th of November. 

Get on all of their socials, you out-of-touch old person, on their Facebook, Twitter, and even their YouTube.

Images courtesy of the Shed Seven Facebook page.




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