I never had ‘dreamy rock ‘n’ roll’ down for a comeback, but with the likes of The Strawberries, Fronteers and now Shambolics, this small sub-culture of Northern music is quickly becoming poised and ready to be shot back into the attention of dads everywhere.

Hailing from somewhere above Sheffield, (that’s where the North ends, isn’t it?), Shambolics are a recently formed rock quartet consisting of Lewis McDonald (Vocals/Guitar), Darren Forbes (Vocals/Guitar), Jordan McHatton (Bass) and Andrew Finlay (Drums). Like all the best cocktails, they take all the best bits and throw them together; 60s psychedelia, 70s harmonies and 80s clean-cut guitar tones are all present, and result for a song with a worrying alcohol content.

Their latest track, ‘Chasing A Disaster’ lives up to their current reputation, with its undeniably bright and positive sound. I was suffering from a bout of severe anxiety before listening to this tune, and now I’m all out and about, dancing and singing with every passer-by. I would ask what these lads are chasing exactly, but I was quickly distracted by the dangerously catchy riffs of the song, which I can only presume are illegal in some countries due to their addictiveness.

Drumming in the verse borders on anthemic, and small, quirky guitar fills expand the track, until harmonious vocals wash over you in the chorus. You’d be understandably mistaken if you thought this was a revamped, unreleased track by The La’s, poised to tease the top 10 in the charts.


But you don’t need me to tell you that Shambolics are any good. The Kirkcaldy four-piece are going on tour, with four dates presented by This Feeling, alongside their recently-announced series of live dates. Brace yourself Leeds, Glasgow, Manchester and London, you’re about to be lulled into a state of perpetual happiness. From the Edinburgh Pretty Green store, to the KCC Vinyl store, nowhere is safe from Shambolics.

The infectious single ‘Chasing A Disaster’ launched on Tuesday 5th September, so stock up on your dry foods, board up the windows and hide.

Check out the lads’ Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud. And for the sake of underground music, don’t forget to buy a T-shirt, too.  




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