Members: Angus McGuinness, Will Tyler, Shane Keaney

Single: ‘Feel It’/B-side: ‘Paint Me Red All Over’

Reviewed by Ryan Mangnall


London’s three-piece popular band ‘SAP’ have just dropped their debut single ‘Feel It’, along with the B-Side ‘Paint Me Red All Over’.

‘FEEL IT’ (3:13)


‘Feel It’ holds amazing respectful values to American Grunge Bands – Nirvana especially. The values of punk in this track really pull the listener in to an energetic state of mind with a patriotic sense of attitude. You don’t commonly find bands with the same edge anymore – other than overblown amps and screeching – this bunch really seem to have the seams sewn with perfection on their sound. Everybody loves an original band that showcases their hard work so well within one single release.

The single is backed with a great and fitting B-Side. ‘Paint Me Red All Over’ drags along the punk punch directly from ‘Feel It’, but delivers it with a new drive. You are delved into this heavier and psychotic state of experimentation. With only being one minute and eight seconds long – SAP did well to get so much emotion, aggression and creativity into such a short space of time. The one and only lyrically genius line EVER is within this number. It just sums the track up that at the end of the instrumental train of madness, the one line within the song – “YOU’RE A SINNER” – Brilliant.

Overall SAP have dripped a bomb of a debut single with an excellent B-Side to showcase what they have to offer – I am sure and hopeful that these band get what they deserve from this brilliant release.

I personally would encourage people to GO AND SEE this band. We are all looking forward to MORE from you SAP!

LIVE DATES (with more to be announced):

– 9th February @ Camden Monarch – FREE ENTRY

– 4th March @ The Water Rats w/ ‘This Feeling’ (tickets on event)

– 15th March @ Camden Lock Tavern- FREE ENTRY









B/W Photo by Linn Koch-Emmery


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