‘Hello, Peddler Market! Anyone a Johnny Cash fan?’

And with that, the beat began.

Ryan Young’s version of Folsom Prison Blues, played out as a heavy country sound, gritty and solid on acoustic guitar and vocals. Ryan’s range between alto and tenor showed firm control. Growling tones moved quickly between quiet and unhurried and a high-energy pace. These powerful rattling vocals evoked a modern-day Jonny Cash, as did his ensemble of black jeans, Merc Harrington jacket, a subtle black quiff and black cowboy boots. A real treat for the audience and a true tribute to the late and great Jonny Cash


Even alone, Ryan managed to fill the stage and, in time, he commanded a respectable sized crowd from the wandering masses of the Peddler Market event.

This event runs each month and gives much warranted exposure to our local Sheffield music scene while enabling young families to come out and enjoy a festival vibe on their doorsteps. Food and drink stalls offer a cornucopia of culinary delights. Pizzas were carried on upstretched arms of Nether Edge Pizza Company staff members as they danced their way to their customers, during the performance. Also on the bill, were the brilliant Before Breakfast, and Thomas & The Invisible Orchestra, who we will feature in the near future. 



Moving on to Electric Sunrise, a nod to his other band member currently travelling Stateside, the crowd moved to this lazy drawl of his inimitable indie rock n blues style.

Ryan’s lyrics take you along on his journey across the world, often through new and old entanglements and speak to the audience about those darker desperate times in life we are all touched by.


‘If the whiskey don’t work you ain’t doing it right.’

 In short, his lyrics relate.

Dark Rock and Roll then took the audience to a darker place. His fierce guitar playing accompanied an angry quiet in his lyrics before kicking up the pace.

‘Baby play that rock and roll

And I will be your everything.’

The speedy complexity of the piece showed a real command of the guitar and gave the crowd something very original.

Somehow, this soloist managed, in part, to recreate his band sound while working alone on stage.

Later, Ryan admitted that while he cut his teeth on solo sets, he now feels very much part of his band and missed them up on that stage this evening. Thankfully, his talent did not leave the audience feeling short changed.

House of the Rising Sun started as a gentle acoustic, audience swaying along with the ethereal sound. Covers of such epic pieces are always difficult yet Ryan steadily increased the pace and energy until we were all a part of a heavy rural rock, very much his own take on the song – an original arrangement beyond a usual cover of this ‘Animals’ track.

The lock up provided the perfect echo chamber for this chorus and his use of silence within the piece often left his audience hanging, ready for more. Such a powerful rendition with cracking emotion in his vocals telling us the story of the song.

In Honey Man, Ryan gave us a real taste of railroad blues, with a hard finger-bleeding melody.  

He confessed, ‘I miss my drummer – he’s in the States, baby’ before creating a heart-pounding percussive thud on guitar for us to hold on to. There was a little Seasick Steve sound going on here pulling us through this lazy blues track.


This music appealed to a diverse crowd this evening – an eclectic mix of Rockabilly, Indie, Rock and Mod pleasure seekers.  Children sat near me tapped their toes to the music, swung their legs in time to the heavy beat, allowing the blues right in.

My Favourite Room by The Blossoms was a first tonight for Ryan and the crowd cheered to hear its maiden performance. His very soft vocals worked well with smoky blues scratched out on guitar.

With Line Em Up, Ryan gave us a chugging beat and showcased his ability to throw out these great rhythms and sounds on the one guitar. Fast paced, heavy gritty low vocals were sung over a rapid rock and roll sound. Great power behind the growling vocals.

And finally, as promised, we were treated to ‘Ey Ay Ey’, the feature single on Ryan Young and the Electric Sunrise’s debut album ‘Heat Seeker’.


‘She walks like a woman with the world at her feet.’

The syncopation and blues rock sound had his audience moving and clapping to this well-rounded piece.

Here we have a man with the world at his feet. Another example of Sheffield’s finest talent, yet to be discovered by the wider world, but again proving that South Yorkshire’s home grown talent just gets better and better.    

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