In between filming music videos and recording, I managed to grab Bugeye for an update on how things are going for them at the moment – they are super busy and it’s an incredibly exciting time for them – we talked about their songwriting and rehearsals.

Last week saw Bugeye finish their recording stint with the indie producer legend, that is Paul Tipler. The band recorded three new singles that will be released in the coming months. The band start filming the first of three new music videos in May as well as heading back out into the live music scene to play a Jack Rocks Event at London’s Nambucca, as well as Camden Rocks in June. New tour dates are also on the way.


How are rehearsals going?

We have two spaces we use to practice. Our main home is in North London’s New Rose Studio which has nice clean rooms and plenty of storage for our equipment. Very reasonably priced as a lot of spaces in London tend to be really expensive. New Rose make it as affordable as they can for bands of all sizes. Drinks, snacks, and the all needful guitar leads, pics and sticks are available to purchase too.

Our other space, which is more ad hoc is in Croydon. It’s called Scream Lounge and it’s awesome! It’s like a maze of tunnels decorated with street art. I’ve lost count as to how many rooms they have, but there’s a lot and their massive. You could have a mini gig just in your practice room, although Scream Lounge also have a gig space too. It can be a wee bit chilly at times and the equipment has been loved by a lot of bands, but it’s decent enough to get a good practice in if you can’t get your own gear there.

Our last rehearsal was all about new material as we’ve been playing our current stuff on the road for a good while, so focusing on that isn’t really needed, although we always warm up with a run through of our current set. We write in two way really. Either I’ll (Angela) work on the basics of a song idea at home and bring it to practice for the others to feed into, or we just try and jam something out. Jamming only ever leads to hook idea, intro, or some other such thing rather than a complete song. I’ll then take the idea away and work on it a bit before next practice. Lyrics are always the last thing to be added to a song, although I always have the melody in place from the start. We normally give a rehearsal two practices to really set in before deciding if it’s a keeper or not. If we’re not humming it and feeling excited to play it, then it’s probably one best for the shelf. We don’t have a huge amount of time to dwell on things, and don’t take offence if an idea gets the thumbs down, we just move on.

We’re working on a new song at the moment called ‘Get high’ – no it’s not about chemical influences, it’s actually about climbing trees and is the first time me and Jack (our drummer) are writing lyrics together. The starting point was a poem that Jack wrote and I really liked the feel of it, so have been adapting it to lyrics. The music its self, will see us try out a few new things too – working with rhythmic layers and ever changing guitar hooks that weave in and out. It’s very upbeat. Looking forward to taking this one out on the road later this year.

Bugeye play The Victoria 17th May… all info at https://www.facebook.com/bugeyemusic/

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