I’ve been lucky enough to see Enter Shikari play a few times now, and they’re one of those bands that you have no doubt about their ability to put on an incredible show. The first time I saw them I hadn’t heard any of their music yet it turned out to be one of  the best live shows I’ve experienced. They  radiate an energy that the fans return in heaps. 
First support tonight comes from Nova Twins. They bring a refreshingly different set, combining old school punk vibes with modern day hiphop. This is all delivered with absolute energy and provides a great warm up for the crowd. 
Nova Twins are followed by Dinosaur Pile-Up who continue the energy that Nova Twins built up. The local lads are well received by the crowd who sing along to a lot of their songs. This set somehow feels nostalgic, but brings modern riffs and lyrics with it. 
As Dinosaur Pile-Up leaves the stage the anticipation builds. The room gets visibly fuller and the crowd become tighter packed. A voice breaks into the anticipation announcing the imminent departure for a ‘Journey into the Unknown’, followed by a minute-by-minute countdown. Every minute that passes and is announced the anticipation thickens. Fans at the barrier are scanning the stage for signs of the band, and those in the pits are gearing up for the chaos that will unfailingly ensue. 
Shikari storm onto stage in a flurry of colour, the promise of a ‘Journey into the Unknown’ is quickly delivered by their first track ‘The Great Unknown’, taken from their newest album. Then, confetti cannons activate embracing the awaiting crowd in a colourful hug.
The pits open up almost immediately with giant circles throwing crowd surfers out left right and centre. Security have clearly been briefed on the beautiful anarchy that is a Shikari show as they help the surfers over the barrier and back into the crowd, time and time again. The energy is incredibly high and everyone is moving.
The smiles on the band members faces says it all, they really do love performing as much as their fans love seeing them. Rou takes a moment and gazes across the crowd his face stretched into a real genuine grin. Shikari step down the energy for a short while with a softer song although the crowd don’t seem to get this memo as they continue with their pits and partying. As the energy steps back up so do Rou’s dance moves. This is Dad dancing at a whole other level, but by the coolest Dad at the disco. 
As I head up to the balcony to get a birds-eye view, I pass a guy on his way to the bar for a pint, never once does he stop dancing and singing as he pays for his pint, takes a sip and returns to his spot. Even the people seated on the back rows are bopping their heads and singing. 
Shikari’s set is an absolute journey of genres, tackling politics, global injustice, climate issues and other imperative problems close to theirs and their fans hearts. They wrap these heavy topics in a blanket of rock music, entangled in electricity and love, creating a fan-safe atmosphere where their eclectic set can be fully appreciated. 

Evey Leigh-Oldale


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