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With the release of their new video, Voodoo and the Crypts demonstrate that their attention to detail is not limited to their music… The band teamed up with acclaimed director Torz Ayling, who has worked with a myriad of highly successful artists from both sides of the Atlantic including Becky Hill and Grouplove, to create a video that boasts what many music videos of today lack; a strong narrative and a sense of humour.

It has been an anticipated wait for the release of the debut single ‘Feeling’ music video and the wait has come to an end. The track originally was released in June and over the two months since release has astonishingly racked up over 2,000 plays on Spotify. The boys describe themselves as a mixture of 80’s dance music with elements of the 90’s psychedelic scene and textures of acid house and pop; which is definitely shown throughout the track.

All that could be thought was would this be another generic borefest. Here’s an amazing debut single so let’s follow it up with a video of us playing the song in our local to our mates. Well, that couldn’t be more wrong.

The video takes influence from the indie film classic Napoleon Dynamite with an edgy hipsterish twist, whilst also capturing what the song is about – matching its uplifting audile with euphoric dance moves and vibrant colours whilst reflecting the uncertainty and paranoia of the lyrics through the main character’s development in the first two minutes of the video. We see the edginess of the main character throughout his tragic but hilarious dance sequence rocking a vibrant shell suit later to reveal a colourful pair of pink spandex underneath. I can’t help but think the shiny spandex plays the part of Voodoo and the Crypts shining through the dullness and boring crowd when it comes to releasing a debut video.

The thought and craftmanship put into the video portrays the uplifting and dynamic way the minds of the Essex/Brighton four-piece works. It is almost certain the track and supporting video will go down as one of the greatest debuts in history and I for one can’t wait to see what comes next from Voodoo and the Crypts.

Well-gigged in the thriving Brighton music scene, the band are in fine form to build on increasing momentum through the coming months. The band have played Truck Festival, Y Not FestivalNorthern Exposures Tramlines stage and more recently played for This Feeling in Brighton. Voodoo and the Crypts have proved they are capable of producing sing along anthems, as well as boasting a live set that has electrified crowds around the country, an act definitely worth looking out for…




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