I love British music. It’s history and influence carried forward by new generations of musicians, who take from that history all they can and twist and mould it in different directions, until in turn, it finds its very own personality, scampering off into the limelight, song in hand and self belief in their hearts. This new offering from V. Transmission called ‘Coma’ fits all of this criteria and more, giving us tracks that would fair well in any arena against the very best of them.

In differing parts this album dances with convention, yet in the next breath it observes and plays with genres you thought it wouldn’t reach. No fixed pattern and no musical line, it offers an eclectic, unambiguous flavour that feels raw but measured, emotional yet nurtured and with that rawness comes an arrogance that must be in all good music for it to function and be independent.

It’s fair to say that this album doesn’t try to be popular and in themselves, each track moves away from any core direction which would characterise it as this or that but interestingly that’s what makes this original and distinct. It follows no path but is still in the same forest, hiding amongst the undergrowth, randomly exposing a sound here and there but keeping a distance that feels controlled yet wild, clean yet feral, and for this particular listener, indelibly exciting.





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