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It was a sold-out O2 Ritz tonight for Earlstown, indie heroes Jamie Boyle, Ryan Breslin, Dexter Baker and Jordan Holden collectively known as The K’s. 2019 was a big year for these young lads and if tonight’s anything to go by, it seems that 2020 is going to be even bigger.

But before we get to the very exciting 4 piece that is The K’s, it’s time for a couple of support bands and the first band to hit the famous O2 Ritz stage are SYFTA, a four-piece band from the North West. They played a short sharp set of power indie pop and got the night off to a very, very good start; the crowd already starting to amp up. It would be interesting to see these boys again in a smaller venue.


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Then it was time for Narrow Margin, a 5 piece hailing from Hyde, Manchester. To be honest, it’s the first time I have seen these lads, having heard the name bandied about here and there. Now I am I wishing I had seen them before because I was blown away. I loved this band, so much!!! They have a sound uniquely their own, and the look to match; lead singer Ian Spiller resplendent in white double denim and a quiff like the sort that hasn’t been seen since Jonny Depp in Cry Baby – a beautiful thing to behold. And the rest of the band looking like members of the Velvet Underground. But this band are not just about the look, they have the musical chops and songs to back it up in bucket loads; Indie punk, post-apocalyptic punk, shades of the Velvet Underground, The Libertines, shades of the vocal styling of The Ramones but better…. squealing guitars and pounding drums, fast-paced and sharp, you can it call it what you like, but I call it f£$king great and so refreshing, I really cant wait to see these guys again.


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Then it was time for the one reason that 1,500 people are packed into the O2 Ritz chanting “The K’s, The K’s The K’s are on fire”. By now there was so much energy in the room you could almost taste it. There is nothing more exciting than seeing a band who seem to be on the verge of big things, and I think that’s what this band are right now. Signed to Alan McGee’s new record label Creation23, they are a guitar band of the highest order, tight as, with catchy-as-hell songs and big punchy choruses that the crowd just loved to sing back at them. Tonight they were on it, indie banger after indie banger, ripping up the stage, covering every inch of it, snarling and smiling, and the crowd are lapping it up. Songs like Sarajevo and Glass Towns bring the house down, dropping in a couple of covers along the way, Dirty Old Town by The Pogues and a little snippet of The Chain by Fleetwood Mac and why not. Everyone in the venue is sweating, the band are sweating and I think even the walls are sweating. If there was a roof I’m sure it would have been ripped off by the end of the set. So as the night comes to the end with pyro’s and encores, I am left to reflect that maybe, just maybe I have seen the start of something very big, The K’s are on a roll, watch out for them this year. Until the next time, I’ll be keeping tabs on them on Spotify.


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The K next embarks on their UK tour, tickets available here: THE KS TICKETS Tickets for their Manchester Academy show are on sale now here: ACADEMY TICKETS








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