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It was a big night for the indie-rock band The Kavaliers; both the launch of their new single and their first gig of 2018. The five-man group from Doncaster were definitely going to start off their year with a bang, as the quickly filling venue quietly buzzed with anticipation.  The venue for this event was the HUBS, the student union attached to Sheffield Hallam Uni within which is hidden an amazing, purpose-built music venue.

”The venue was definitely a pleasant surprise, bit of a hidden gem,’ The Kavaliers’ Sam told us. ‘I’m sure the HUBS will be synonymous with great up and coming music over the next few years. Big rooms, large bar and a very competent sound and tech team – what more do you want? ‘

The show was opened by Teeff; a grungy two-piece band from Leeds. With their strong emphasis on the drums they were certain to get the crowd buzzing.

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A soul pounding beat was undoubtedly delivered, not to mention their unique spin on a classic – ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ by The Bangles – the lads turned the pop favourite into a rock song and the crowd loved it.

Followed by Teeff were Sisteray, a four-piece from London. They’ve created a modern spin on a mod- punk band with a likeness to Slaves and The Smiths. The rock vibes of the guitar along with the high energy that the lads brought along warmed the crowd up perfectly for the main act of the night. They got the crowd pumping with their upbeat sound and catchy lyrics: a rock band with soul.

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The moment everyone had been waiting for finally came as The Kavaliers took their place on the stage. The lads got better and better as the show went on as did the atmosphere. Opening with their latest song to showcase their new single, ‘The Right Thing’, many of the crowd danced and sang every word proving that they are developing a strong, loyal fanbase. This song reflects the true style and sound of the band with a catchy beat and relatable lyrics. ‘The Right Thing’ is a catchy indie anthem sure to be loved by fans of bands like The Courteeners, Arctic Monkeys and Reverend and The Makers.

‘Glad to see our new single was received well, looked like people were really into it’, they said afterwards. ‘It was selling well after so that’s gotta be a good sign.’

They definitely pulled some crowd-pleasing songs out of the bag on the night with the audience getting carried away with their chanting and jumping around. ‘Another Night” was certainly a favourite, the crowd were singing and dancing along to this classic indie anthem.

The moment that stood out for me,’ Sam added, ‘was watching the place fill up with people raring to listen to our music. Its always humbling to think people want to come out and listen to songs we’ve written and love playing.’

The place was packed and although many had made the journey from Doncaster, there were equally a hefty number of fans who’d turned out for Teeff, Sisteray and The Kavaliers who had travelled from further afield and also popped in from the Sheffield area.  A good crowd makes a great evening and this was true tonight!

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The boys have certainly worked up a loyal fan base as they all chanted aloud to the lyrics. As the show drew to a finish the crowd roared, demanding more, showing what a successful night the boys had.

‘The evening was bang on!’ the boys told us after their set. ‘The crowd were well up for it during the gig and everyone was in good spirits afterwards.’

Such an amazing event, not only in terms of the music and the crowd, but the banter between bands and the fact that they all came out to support each other, watching each other and chatting in the bar. Great to see a real party atmosphere when bands look out for each other like that. What was cool to see was that, at a time when live music venues are shutting up shop and live music events are struggling to keep going, with the right amount of promotion and talented bands, there is definitely still the love for live music.

These bands are all set to go far – each band had their own definitive style and each performed a polished and exciting set.  Get out and see them if you’ve yet discovered them!

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